How Revolutionary Was The American Revolution Revolutionary

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How revolutionary was the revolution? Based on the information in the 10 documents I believe that the revolution was not very revolutionary. The word revolutionary means involving or causing a dramatic change. I strongly believe that the revolution was not very revolutionary because the changes it made were not very dramatic or strong and a lot of the things from that time stayed the same after the war ended. The biggest dramatic change that was caused by the war was that we got our political independence for England. There were really no economic or social changes that came from fighting this war, if anything the only other changes were negative economic changes. One of the documents was a chart that showed how people were doing economically …show more content…

Another reason why the revolution was not very revolutionary was that women were still not allowed to vote until 1920 so, it took many, many years after the war to create a change for women politically. There was a document made in 1920 that says that the right to vote shall not be denied by gender. This was a dramatic change but it took over 100 years for women to be able to vote and even after that they were still not equal to the men. Furthermore, there still needed to be slaves in the colonies so there wasn’t a change in that matter. Yes, SOME americans did start questioning slavery but that doesn’t mean anything because the lives of the slaves really got worse. A young african american wrote a document in 1819, many years after revolution ended, saying that he was very discouraged because he couldn’t get a job because the white people didn’t want to work with him. In one of the documents I analyzed was a map that shows the abolition of slavery. Very few of the states got rid of slavery during or a couple of years after the revolution, but over 20 of the states still had slavery and segregation. This shows somewhat of a change which could be social, political, or economic, but it doesn’t show a complete change like it

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