Essay On The Revolutionary War Was Not Revolutionary

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Normally, in a revolution, a government is overthrown and replaced by another type of government. An example of a revolution is the American Revolution, in which the British monarchy got rejected by the colonists in the Thirteen Colonies. From the rejection, it resulted in a war in which the Thirteen Colonies uprised against the British. Both argued over a disagreement about the way the colonies wanted to be treated versus the way Great Britain treated the colonies. Ultimately, the idea of equality among the people and government became a major concern. However, resulting in a war from a dispute did not bring satisfaction to anybody. Instead, The Revolutionary War was “not revolutionary” because it did not significantly change the lives of British citizens, African Americans or women during and after the war. Others may think the Revolutionary War was revolutionary is because the government was primarily well established by the citizens. For example, in an excerpt from The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement, it states that this was the first time that the government was powered by citizens. All previous …show more content…

During the Revolutionary War and after the war ended, slavery was still occurring and very popular according to a map adopted from North of Slavery (Leon F. Litwack). The map depicts which states of America, north or south, abolished slavery versus states who continued using the method of slavery. After the war ended in 1783, many slaves were still working and not have been freed. By 1786, the northern states had freed the slaves, while the slaves in the south were not free until 1863 due to the Emancipation Proclamation. The time difference of the release of slaves in the north compared to the south is precisely 77 years. That time difference demonstrates how African Americans were not treated fairly compared to

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