How Did The American Revolution Change Society

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The American Revolution was a war fought by American colonies to gain independence from the British control. The American Revolution was caused by a series of events. It all started with the French and Indian War in 1754. At the end of the war, King George III issued the proclamation of 1763 which prohibited colonists to settle beyond the Appalachian Mountains, many colonists took great offense at this order. The war between Britain and France caused Britain to be deeply in debt and demanded tax from the colonies. They put taxes on things such as paper, sugar, and even tea, which angered the colonist because they were not will to pay tax without representation in the government. These events ultimately caused the colonist to revolt against the British monarchy and declare its independence. A revolution is a radical change in society and its social structure. The American Revolution was revolutionary because it transformed America politically and socially; however, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness weren’t necessarily improved for the all people in this revolution. The American Revolution changed America politically. What changed politically after the revolution was we created a democratic form of government, as oppose to a central government run by a monarchy in which the Americans had no …show more content…

There were multiple social changes after the revolution, from ending the slavery to women’s rights. Although ending slavery and women’s right didn’t happen after hundreds of years after revolution, there were some changes were felt immediately. For example, more people of moderate social class were able to be more directly involved in the government. According to the tables shown in the document made by William and Mary Quaterly, the increase in amount representatives of state legislatures of moderate social class have more than tripled. This shows that there’s a democratization, more people were getting

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