Political and Economic Causes of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution (1700-1790) was a historical event in time, where the Thirteen Colonies that became the United States of America, gained independence from the British Empire. Many historians would agree that the Revolution was caused by events and the growing differences between the colonists and England. The cause of the American Revolution could be summarized in the saying ‘liberty vs. tyranny’. The American Revolution was a struggle by liberty-loving Americans to free themselves from a dictatorial British rule. In this period, the Colonies protested against the British Empire and entered into the American Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence. Political, economic, military, and social factors were taken into account during the revolution. These aspects of the war all played a significant role in the outcome of the American Revolution. Since Great Britain was in a tremendous amount of debt, it started social and economic issues with the colonies. The French and Indian War (Seven Years War), fought between the British and the French over the Ohio River Valley was a huge contributing factor to said debt. Although the British proved to be triumphant in the war, they lost a lot of money and a lot of soldiers. During the course of the years, Britain wanted economic relief and turned to the colonies. After the War, amplified British taxation on the colonies ruined the relationship that they had with the colonies. The British said the taxation

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