How Did The French And Indian War Impact The American Revolution

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The American Revolution The French and Indian War impacted the American Revolution in many ways. Britain incurred a large debt from the cost of the war and the taxes that they imposed on the colonists created feelings of anger and rebellion that led to the revolution. As a result of the French and Indian war, the British were not at full strength which allowed the actions of the colonists to be more effective. Because of the outcome of the war, France was willing to help the colonists. Without the much needed help from the French the colonist may have never won the war. The French and Indian war, also known as the Seven Years’ war, was fought between France and Great Britain. It started because of French expansion into the Ohio Valley. This expansion created conflict …show more content…

When the war ended they were wore down and weak. This made the actions of the colonists more effective. Because of the debt, Britain’s economy was not strong. To help pay for the debt, Britain passed the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act put a tax on every printed item they used and required them to buy a government-issued stamp for legal documents and other paper goods. As a result of this tax, colonists in Boston rioted and destroyed the house of the stamp distributor. News of the protests spread and inspired other colonies to protest. As the taxes angered more of the colonists, they began to boycott all British goods. Boycotting of British goods and ending trade with the colonists would greatly hurt the economy in Britain. When the colonists started to boycott, Britain's economy was not strong enough to sustain itself without trade with the colonies. The merchants relied on the trade with America. Pressure from American colonists and British merchants caused the British Government to repeal the act. If Britain's economy had been stronger, boycotting British goods would not have hurt Britain and would not have been an effective form of

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