What Are The Factors That Pushed The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was the first war in America 's history. It was caused by many events such as the French and Indian War, the Intolerable Acts, and the king’s oppressive rules. However, the main factors that caused this war were, taxation, not being allowed to have representation in Parliament and being denied their rights. The first reason that the colonists and England went to war, was the fact that England was passing taxes without the colonists having a voice. Many taxes were passed that charged colonists on some of the items they used often. John Adams stated, “We have always understood it be to a grand and fundamental principle… that no… man should be subject to any tax to which he has not given his consent” (Adams, John “Works of John Adams”). This says that it was known that they had no voice in Parliament. After this colonists began to fight against the tax, until it was repealed. Although this was one of the main reasons, it wasn’t the only one. …show more content…

They were told that they could not have representation because of the distance and their rank. There were British officials that relayed messages to Parliament, but no direct representation. As said by John Dickinson, when speaking of the Townshend Acts, “There is another… act of Parliament which appears to me to be unconstitutional, and destructive to the liberty of these colonies.” He states that the act of no representation is unconstitutional according to the Magna Carta, and the English Bill of Rights. The right for representation wasn’t the only right taken away when the colonies

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