Were The Colonists Justified In Leaving Britain During The 1700's

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The British gave colonists many reasons to leave during the 1700’s. While there are many reasons the colonists were justified in leaving Britain, one of the main reasons was unfair taxation on colonials to make Britain money. Another reason was Britain creating their own propaganda to demean the colonists’ idea to create a new government. Furthermore, the British would strip the colonists of many of their rights. Finally, Britain would constantly deny any attempt to find peace between the two countries. As expected, Britain put certain taxes on the colonies to help regulate trade and pay for transport of goods. However, many of the taxes Britain put on colonists were for the sole purpose of creating revenue for the British (Doc 2). The reason the British believed they were justified to do this was the belief that colonists still owed reparations for British support in the French Indian war (Doc 1). The colonists found these taxes so insulting that many of them refused to purchase British goods. These taxes eventually led to the creation of peace treaties such as the Olive Branch Petition. Britain’s attempt to destroy the colonial government was to pay Loyalists to insult the idea of a government. The Loyalists accomplished this by claiming it would make the citizens …show more content…

Although any of the treaties passed Parliament, but one that did was called the Olive Branch Petition. When the petition was brought to King George, he was very angered; moreover, the colonists believed that his taxes were unfair. He then declared soon after that all colonists to be traitors and should be put to death posthaste. Tensions had been growing for years between the two countries, but the King’s decision to list all colonists’ traitors angered them so much they decided to create their own kind of government. This scared Britain to the point of attempting

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