French Revolution Rights Of Man Essay

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Topic: The French Revolution and the "Rights of Man" 1. What purposes did the writers of the Declaration expect it to fulfill? The writers of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen expected to fulfill rights for the people. The French people wanted to separate themselves as a nation, so that all men had sacred rights which cannot be taken away from public misfortunes or governmental corruption, being protected by the law. Also, the taxation problem weighed heavily on the people. 2. What specific rights are spelled out in this document? What rights does it omit? Men are born and remain free and equal in rights, everyone has the right to property and security, that no man can take the law into their own hands. Also, the law must dictate whether or not a man is punished for his mistakes, religion is not a …show more content…

Everything it said was about men and how men are free of speech, property, and religion. Back when this document was being written, women were not equal to man and the rights of women and children were oppressed. This declaration also did not talk about the right to bare arms or protect yourself if needed. It also omits the high taxation to the King, which was a huge problem to begin with. 3. What was revolutionary about the Declaration? What grievances against the old regime did the declaration reflect? The Declaration had many revolutionary factors, but the most important piece was that people of all status had more power and equal rights. It gave people the freedom to own land, the freedom of speech and religion. Grievances against the old regime that the declaration reflected were Equality before the law, because it was to replace the system of privileges that characterized the old regime. This was to prevent abuse from the king or his adversaries. He could no longer just imprison whomever went against him. 4. What grounds for debate or controversy can you identify within the

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