American Revolution And French Revolution Essay

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Compare and contrast of The French Revolution and The American Revolution

The American revolution and the French Revolution are two major incidents happened in the 1700s, which had intense social impacts on both French and American societies. In general, the American Revolution was more successful than the French revolution. The similarity between them is that the citizens in both countries, both faced the block of common economical development of the government. However, there is a difference that makes the American revolution succeeded while the French revolution doesn’t. The American Revolution turned the American society into a republic, as the French Revolution eventually led the French society into dictatorship and more chaos in the …show more content…

The results of them were distinct that the American revolution eventually extricated America prom the led the American society into a republic. Those colonial leaders who were influenced by the Enlightenment were unsatisfied with the monarchical government. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson argued for the rights of the colonists and doubted the right of imposing on the colonists.After the fight against the British, the colonist leader had drafted Declaration of Independence, which suggested liberty of completely subverted the British domination and suggested the common liberality among all the citizens of America, and had led America to a republic. There were no major political conflicts in America in tens of years after that. However, the French revolution had led France to dictatorship and tens of years’ chaos after that. There was endless struggles between the left wing and the right wing during the French revolution. Although the left has published the Declaration of the rights of man, since the political environment was so unstable, that didn 't really changed the society into a republic. After “The Terror” which killed 40,000 people, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned as an Emperor, a dictator of France. Then, after Napoleon died, monarchy and republic appeared alternately. These features suggested the French revolution changed France into dictatorship and was in chaos in tens of years, as the American revolution changed America into a republic, suggested the American revolution was successful while the French revolution was

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