Compare And Contrast French Revolution And Latin American Revolution

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The years 1750-1900 are better known as the Revolution Era. During this time period, there were several revolutions that occurred throughout the developing world. Two of the main revolutions were the French Revolution and the Latin American Revolution. Both revolutions followed the anatomy of a revolution and had comparable causes, however the French Revolution politically better outcomes, whereas the Latin American Revolution resulted in poverty and lost territory. The French Revolution and Latin American Revolution both followed the pattern of: citizens became dissatisfied with government, moderates gaining more power, radicals taking over, and then entering a period of acceptance. France was divided into three estates. The third estate …show more content…

At the end of the French revolution in 1815, there were many political short-term and long-term outcomes. The new constitution was abolished by the National Convention because the European nobility feared the spread of their revolutionary ideas. Napoleon Bonaparte sold Louisiana to US for fifteen million, which became a long term effect because the US still owns Louisiana and the other west states. One short term outcome occurred when the church land was sold and then afterwards, the Pope had to fight for his religious views and places back. Some long-term outcomes were that feudalism ended for good, a new declaration was adopted, and the citizens became equal socially. The Latin American Revolution resulted in no mercantilism for a brief period because they wanted independence from colonial powers in Latin America. The revolution affected the military because there were long independence wars that resulted in ended slavery and reforms for a long time. For a while, only whites had freedom, and women only gained little rights. Women were unable to vote and only were allowed to have little education. Mexico fought the US in the Mexico-American War and lost Texas and California to the US for fifteen million dollars. Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Brazil all formed separate republic which was a major

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