Was The French Revolution Preventable?

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Was the French Revolution preventable? This is a question that is fascinating to think about. What could have been done differently to prevent this revolution that cost countless people their lives? Why were others willing to give their lives, for what cause? Why was life so turbulent? These questions will be answered by the time you have finished reading this paper. The French Revolution was from 1789 to 1799. Many governmental changes were made in that short time period. From the monarchy being overthrown and the royal family’s execution to Maximilien Robespierre and Napoleon taking over. France went from being a country severely in debt to being one of the most powerful empires in Europe. But for every rise there must be a fall.
A rebellion is an act of violence or open resistance to an established government or ruler. But what causes a rebellion and eventually revolution? The first and most obvious cause to the French Revolution was the royal family themselves. During the period before the revolution the royal family was known for their extravagance, for throwing parties when their people were starving and couldn’t afford bread.
Another contributing to the rebellion and revolution were the Class System called the Privileged Estates. France was severely in debt at that time, banks couldn’t give people who needed money because they didn’t have any to give, even with the high taxes. With the Privileged Estates system, the rich who could afford to pay the taxes didn’t

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