Essay On The Causes Of The French Revolution Dbq

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French Revolution, starting in the year 1789, was the movement that shook France between the years 1787 and 1799. The French Revolution had many causes. There were many easy fixes the government could have done, if they had fixed them, it could have prevented the revolution. Some of the most important causes were unfair taxes, social classes and last but not least the bankrupt state. I believe one of the biggest causes was the unfair taxes. The unfair taxes was a cause for the french revolution. Despite being unprivileged of basic human rights, the third estate was also very heavily taxed. The third estate had very high taxes on many things. There was taxes on their land and produces [Document 1] In the diagram of [Document 2] The third estate had lots more land but that they had to pay more for there taxes. France had major taxes. The first was a military tax, that the nobles were not included, because they were expected to fight in the military. There were other taxes, that the nobles had to pay on their farm …show more content…

They thought if a small amount of people could do something bug a big amount of people could do something big and or bett or just the same. The americans encouraged the french people to want freedom and have power and not just be controlled like there not there own people.The French had to start this revolution from nothing it was hard for them to start but after they began it kept going although they were not very successful it put is where we are currently and at the time it out them in a good place eventually. There were some good and bad things that happened the French Revolution. There were things that had to be remembered like, the creation of the gullition there was the storming of the bastille, Robespierre the reign of terror there were many more very big and or important thing that

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