The American Revolution: The French And Indian War

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Historically, it is believed that the causes of large scale events and wars are often rooted in the outcomes of previous conflicts. The American Revolution, one of the largest most historically significant events of all time, was caused by a multitude of events. Specifically, many of the causes were in fact the results of past conflicts and ongoing tension, such as the French and Indian War and British taxation acts. Contrary to popular belief, the impact of American Revolution was not solely confined to the colonies and the British crown. Aside from leading to American independence, the American Revolution was a part of a larger global conflict, involving issues between Great Britain, France, and other foreign nations. Overall, the outcome…show more content…
The French and Indian War occurred mainly on American soil in the 18th century. In the war, British American and New France fought, with heavy involvement from Native American allies, over regions in the New World, such as the Ohio River Valley. Britain ultimately won the war after capturing the city of Quebec. As a result of the war, the Treaty of Paris was signed, leading to France losing all most its North American possessions east of the Mississippi. France was also required to hand over French Louisiana to Spain. Since France lost almost all of its territorial claims in the western hemisphere, Great Britain’s position as the dominant power in North America was confirmed. After the Treaty of Paris was signed, King George III officiated the Proclamation of 1763, which blocked the colonists from expanded westward. The proclamation gave the British total power over American land. Britain gained the territory of New France and French Canada. The French and Indian War placed Britain into a large debt, which Britain dealt with by heavily taxing the colonists. As stated by Jessie Palmer, “The French and Indian War was very essential to the American Revolution because the war debt was the reason that Parliament started imposing taxes on the colonists in the first place” (Palmer). These taxes made the colonists resent the crown. France’s role prior battles…show more content…
Issues between Great Britain and France as well as conflicts between Great Britain and the colonists played key roles in starting the American Revolution. Events such as the French and Indian War, the Sugar Act, and the Stamp Act were the sparks needed to ignite the flame of the American Revolution. Even though the American Revolution started as a series of smaller acts confined to the American colonies, it ended up as a large global conflict. The Revolution had involvement from a multitude of foreign nations and allies, making it a world event. In conclusion, the American Revolution was a global conflict, rooted in the outcomes of previous events throughout
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