What Impact Did The French And Indian War Have On The American Revolution

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Writing Assignment #2

Question 1:

The French and Indian war was a huge influence in the American Revolution. The War caused the huge debt for the British and to help cover that debt the British began taxes on the colonist. The French and Indian War was just the top of the iceberg. It was also a commutation of the Sugar Act which imposed a tax on imported goods on textiles, coffee, wine, sugar and molasses. Then the Currency Act was enacted the prohibited the colonist to print their own money. There was also the Stamp Act and there was also the Tea Taxation which led to the Boston Tea Party. I believe the finale tipping point was the Coercive Acts that the King enacted to punish Boston. The King believed that he was making an example of Boston but what it did was unite the thirteen colonies.

Question 2:

On March 5, 1770 a British soldier was standing guard outside the customs house when a group of colonist began taunting him. The Soldier grew concerned and called for support when someone in the crowd rang the fire bell which drew a larger crowd. As the book states no one really knows what happened but soldiers …show more content…

Constitution is that they both helped to establish the federal government, unite the states and help build the law of the land. Both the Articles of the Confederation and the U.S. Constitution have much in common. They both were established by the same people, created a government and were the law of the government. It is their differences that are much greater. Under the Articles Congress had little authority. They had no courts or way to enforce the any of the resolutions if the states did not want to follow. The Articles gave power to each individual state where as the Constitution gave power to the federal government. Under the Articles it gives power to one congress whereas the Constitution gives power to one congress which is divided into the Senate and the House of

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