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  • Discrimination In Canada

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    In present day canada, many foreigners come from far and wide, whilst leaving their families behind in hopes of a better life for them and their children to come. Believing Canada is a land of opportunity, however was Canada always considered “the highway to a better life”?In the late 18 hundreds, Canada did not provide equal opportunities for all.People of different races, genders, and classes faced mass extents of discrimination. People with money were people with power, in repercussion for the

  • Poverty In Canada

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    people are estimated to be living in slum-like conditions in the developing world’s cities. The delegation of Canada believes that with global

  • Industrialization In Canada

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    strong and free known as Canada. But before we get into what this beautiful country is like today, let's go back to the beginning Canada was originally a country populated with the first nations society which consisted of hunters, farmers, fur traders, loggers, and fishermen they called these people the hunter gatherers for they hunted for food and gathered their sources. It was the 16th century when europeans came, settled and started to create an economic shift. Today, Canada

  • Socialization In Canada

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    As friendly neighbors, Americans often view Canada as being quite similar to their homeland in many ways. On the surface we all look pretty much the same, talk pretty much the same, and seem to have many similar interests, however once you scratch the surface it becomes clear just how much difference a border can make. The most evident physical differences are land mass and population. Although Nations Online Project (2016) identifies Canada as the second largest country in the world by land mass

  • Feminism In Canada

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    In Canada, the first wave of feminism began in the late 19th and early 20th century. It was led by middle and upper class women, mostly by wealthy white women. Before this time, women were not seen as people under the law. They were legally barred from homesteading, and were forced to leave the farm if their husbands died. Until 1945, women were also unable to seek divorce, though men could in the case of adultery. In these cases, the divorced women had no right to the children or to their property

  • Monarchy In Canada

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    O Canada, My Canada Two-hundred and forty one years ago, The United States shared a brutal bloodshed with the United Kingdom. After eight years and 217,000 deaths, America won their independence. While many thought it was a good decision for Canada to rebel, her country decided to stay out of the conflict. Some wonder why such a decision came about in Canada. Canada is operated as a constitutional monarchy, where the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, shares power with a constitutionally organized government

  • Multicultural In Canada

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    Every year, many new immigrants are making Canada their new permanent home. Average of approximately 250,000 people per year come to Canada to immigrate. What are the challenges for them? First of all, most of new immigrants face language barrier. Especially children who immigrate with their parents in early age, are hard to have proper education, Because of largely absent of Canada government’s discourse and immigration policy (Costigan, Lehr, & Miao, 2016). Also for immigrants, finding secure job

  • Citizenship In Canada

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    knowledge of Canada. The government provides free study guides for this test on their website and most of the questions will be answerable based on knowledge that you gain by living in Canada for the required time prior to applying for citizenship. There are a few situations that may render you ineligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, but with a bit of work, patience, and perseverance you will be able to overcome them. Why Become a Canadian Citizen? The SINP makes entering Canada and become a

  • Polygamy In Canada

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    Polygamy in Canada: Is It a Crime or a Protected Religious Freedom? Canada’s polygamy law, particularly as it relates to a sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), in Bountiful, British Columbia, has recently been the subject of much controversy. A case in the Supreme Court of British Columbia will soon determine whether Canada’s polygamy law is constitutional, or whether it violates section 15 of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees “freedom from

  • Landforms In Canada

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    resources are available to Canada for usage. Likewise, the diversity of landform regions also increases the amount of biodiversity that is available within Canada. Moreover, in contrast to other places in the world that do not have many different landform regions, such as Alaska, the beauty and marvel of Canada 's landform regions are unmatched. This ends up drawing people into the country to observe Canada 's wide variety of different land regions. An example of an area in Canada with excellent soil quality

  • Civics In Canada

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    someone makes the decision for the people. In Canada we have a representative democracy as in we do not vote directly for our leader but we vote for people who represent us in the House of Commons. Learning how your government operates is as important as what rights and the responsibilities

  • Colonialism In Canada

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    Canada is a nation that prides itself on opportunity and freedom. However, the treatment of Canada’s aboriginal community says otherwise. Although Canada is incredibly welcoming to new immigrants that want a fresh start, the original occupants, Aboriginal people, are still being mistreated today. Aboriginal people are described as the original people or indigenous occupants of a particular country (Hutchings, 2016). Unfortunately, Aboriginal people have been exploited in Canada for decades, which

  • Canada Identity

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    This atmosphere of news ideas and voices cherished an expansion in an unique Canadian identity. Canada is a country of duel languages, multiculurlism, and impartiality but it was through the efforts of one man that allowed these components. Due to Pierre Trudeau 's involvment in immigration, equal oppournities and French-Canadian

  • Essay On Peacekeeping In Canada

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    There are many reasons why Canada is similar to many first world countries, however, does Canada have a distinct identity? Canada is an unique country for it is filled with many diverse ethnicities. Canada plays a distinct role of peacekeepers by helping and protecting many countries in times of need. Finally, Canada gets its identity from individuals living around the world for they give Canada its characteristics. This essay will show that Canada does have a distinct identity and is shown through

  • Mutualism In Canada

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    Mutualism is when both sides benefit, and in the process of immigration, both Canada and the immigrants benefit greatly. As a matter of fact, Canada is a very popular place to immigrate to, it is one of the top ten most immigrated to countries in the world. Immigrants come to seek refugee, work, their families, or even just a new life. They help us by creating a better and younger workforce, and we help them to have a home and to be safe. One benefit of this mutualistic relationship is that we become

  • Homelessness In Canada

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    individuals forge ahead into their future with the assumption that they will attain the quality of life they desire. The reality of our dynamic community lies in the unseen, or rather, the ignored population of all provinces and cities of Canada. Annually, across Canada, there are approximately 20,000 individuals left homeless each year (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News, 2013). The majority of the annual population rarely find themselves homeless and when it occurs it does so for short periods of

  • Benefits Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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    Canada was the first country to adopt multiculturalism and has since cultivated a society that focuses on the benefits of diversity and encourages racial and ethnic harmony. In fact, in an article by Keung in The Star, Canada ranked fourth most welcoming country for immigrants in the world. This was seen as the reason behind higher rates of naturalization as individual rights are being championed and immigrants are guaranteed equality. Now, with Justin Trudeau from the Liberal Party as Prime Minister

  • Defining Moments In Canada

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    things, including Canada have had many defining moments that still have an impact on modern society. The battle of Vimy Ridge granted Canada a global reputation and gave Prime Minister Robert Borden the push towards independence. The FLQ October Crisis was a terroristic incident that stopped Quebec independence. It was also the first non-foreign terrorist attack to hit Canadian soil (Quèbec), and the city of Africville, Halifax reveals the racial prejudice that harboured in early Canada and how white

  • Racism In Canada

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    century was the time of economic development in Canada which attracted immigrants to fill the spaces for almost exclusively labour intensive jobs. Most of the immigrants were of eastern European descent but some from Asian countries such as China. However due to the Anglo-Canadian tradition and values, some immigrants were regarded highly over others and, as a result, some were impacted more by discrimination compared to others. The economic growth of Canada during the early 20th century invited immigrants

  • Immigrant Assimilation In Canada

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    Canada is one of the world’s most welcoming Immigrant destinations. Canada’s official prominence on multiculturalism has frequently diverted attention from the normal problems of assimilation that most immigrants must resolve in order to inaugurate themselves successfully in the country. Canada is a multicultural and a diverse country however Immigrant Assimilation has always been a major problem in the country. Immigrant Assimilation is the process in which a group or a culture resemble cultures