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  • Mutualism In Canada

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    Mutualism is when both sides benefit, and in the process of immigration, both Canada and the immigrants benefit greatly. As a matter of fact, Canada is a very popular place to immigrate to, it is one of the top ten most immigrated to countries in the world. Immigrants come to seek refugee, work, their families, or even just a new life. They help us by creating a better and younger workforce, and we help them to have a home and to be safe. One benefit of this mutualistic relationship is that we become

  • Industrialization In Canada

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    strong and free known as Canada. But before we get into what this beautiful country is like today, let's go back to the beginning Canada was originally a country populated with the first nations society which consisted of hunters, farmers, fur traders, loggers, and fishermen they called these people the hunter gatherers for they hunted for food and gathered their sources. It was the 16th century when europeans came, settled and started to create an economic shift. Today, Canada

  • Encroachment In Canada

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    Position in Canada: Pith and substance is a legal doctrine in Canadian constitutional interpretation used to determine under which head of power a given piece of legislation falls. The doctrine is primarily used when a law is challenged on the basis that one level of government (be it provincial or federal) has encroached upon the exclusive jurisdiction of another level of government. The British North America Act, 1867, which established a federal constitution for Canada, enumerated in Sections

  • Immigrants In Canada

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    Canada prides itself on being a multicultural country due to its large population of immigrants. Immigrants contribute greatly to Canada’s economy, culture and general society. Immigrants often come to Canada in search of a better life but they can encounter stressors that can have a large impact on their mental health. In this essay I will explore some factors that lead to mental health issues among the immigrant population, what prevents immigrants from accessing help and measures that could and

  • Colonialism In Canada

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    Colonialism is a perpetual and relevant issue in Canada. The definition of Colonialism is, “The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically” according to the Oxford dictionary (The Oxford Dictionary, 2018). On a small scale, Canada is influenced by Britain as British Commonwealth; the consequences that preceded the colonization are evident in the contrast of the standards of living between the general

  • Political System In Canada

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    Known as the second largest country in the world, Canada has a total area of 3.8 million square miles. Canada is located in North America above the United States and is surrounded by both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The population of Canada as of 2012 was 34.8 billion people ( The political system in Canada does not include the power of a president, which differs them from the United States. Instead, they have a Prime Minister and Stephen

  • Essay On Canada Day

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    On July 1, 1867, the nation was officially born when the Constitution Act joined three provinces into one country: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province, which then split into Ontario and Quebec. However, Canada was not completely independent of England until 1982. The holiday called Dominion Day was officially established in 1879, but it wasn't observed by many Canadians, who considered themselves to be British citizens. Dominion Day started to catch on when the 50th anniversary of

  • Racism And Racism In Canada

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    In Canada today although a very open and well-known nationality ‘Mixing pot’ there is still signs of racism in different aspects of the home, family, workplace, and religion. It can be seen in all of the said topics and how it affects those impacted by racism. The lesser attention is given by teachers to certain students and inter students relations, The home life of families within a certain neighbourhood or community as well as social groups and the judiciary system and how that concerns the punishments

  • Climate Change In Canada

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    jobs were being created faster then people could fill them. Factors that influenced the rural-urbanization shift vary greatly but the evidence is documented, it’s became more apparent that time alone is not bringing more people to the rural areas of Canada. Over the past 160 years the population of people living in rural areas, defined as areas with a population density below 400 people per square kilometre, has steadily declined. Further elaborating on the declining population, the people documented

  • Benefits Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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    Canada was the first country to adopt multiculturalism and has since cultivated a society that focuses on the benefits of diversity and encourages racial and ethnic harmony. In fact, in an article by Keung in The Star, Canada ranked fourth most welcoming country for immigrants in the world. This was seen as the reason behind higher rates of naturalization as individual rights are being championed and immigrants are guaranteed equality. Now, with Justin Trudeau from the Liberal Party as Prime Minister

  • Immigrant Assimilation In Canada

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    Canada is one of the world’s most welcoming Immigrant destinations. Canada’s official prominence on multiculturalism has frequently diverted attention from the normal problems of assimilation that most immigrants must resolve in order to inaugurate themselves successfully in the country. Canada is a multicultural and a diverse country however Immigrant Assimilation has always been a major problem in the country. Immigrant Assimilation is the process in which a group or a culture resemble cultures

  • The Importance Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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    and prosperous multicultural society requires cultural accommodation. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada 's immigration tracking polls, when Canadians were asked “what is the most important barrier to integration, about two-thirds of Canadians mention language and/or cultural barriers” (Jedwab 2008, 222). The study also revealed that “compared to the rest of the world, Canada ranks amongst the countries most inclined to value the cultural contribution of newcomers” (2008, 221). Emphasis

  • Essay On Canada Peacekeeping

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    Canada is well known for its peacekeeping efforts and contributions through peacekeeping. Yet, few of the population knows of Canada’s transition to peacemaking, and how Canada aims to return to keeping peace instead creating it. Peacekeeping first transitioned to peacemaking after the Cold War. The change caused public opinion to drop, resulting in Canada declining missions, and contributing less to the UN’s peacekeeping efforts. The Canadian government became unhappy with what Canada's Peacekeeping

  • Post Colonialization In Canada

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    elaborates that it could simply separate Canadians in three kinds: native Canadians, migrants from former suzerain and migrants from other countries. As a native Canadian, Linda thinks that they could not ignore the experience of colonization that made Canada becomes marginalization through post-colonialism. Here she pointed out Quebec, which is colonized by France, is a good example about first imperial force of pre-colonial history. In 1608, French explorers arrived Quebec and made it became French colony

  • Gender Inequality In Canada

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    The Social Epidemic of Inequality in Canada: Gender Inequality Through the years, social stratification of Canada has progressed and altered by cultural changes and social changes in society (Cummings et al. 2017). In the early 1900s, the acknowledgment of women as persons was established by the women’s suffrage movement (Strong-Boag 2016). This movement cultivated a pathway of equity for women since society was patriarchic at the time, but today gender inequality still impacts the lives of women

  • Canada Cultural Differences

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    culture there is a majority and many minorities. Canada and China are two very large countries that have cultures that are well known throughout the world. They can be compared to each other. Both Canada and China are examples of multicultural countries share many similarities. The similarities between China and Canada can be demonstrated through immigration, the ethnic minorities, folk customs, languages and religious diversity. One similarity between Canada and China is the immigration. Major cities

  • The Importance Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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    universal healthcare system, Canada prides itself on the great variety of cultures, ethnicities and religions that are present within the country. In 1971, the Canadian government began to recognize the value of all diversities and officially adopted the Multiculturalism policy. In consideration of this policy, Canada has been nicknamed the mosaic (Pohorelic) since the nation continually strives to embrace and promote multiculturalism. For instance, all citizens who reside in Canada are able to have an identity

  • Confederation In Canada

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    Throughout the many years of negotiations and debates, Canada has been formed into the country we know it as today. The events that have taken place in the past, have played a significant role on the way our society is today. After many years, Confederation brought the colonies of British North America together and united them into one nation to form Canada. Throughout the 1900s, Canada won independence, turning the colony into a dominion, and gave the country an image of achievement and national

  • Strengths Of Democracy In Canada

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    Research Paper On Democracy in Canada Name : Harpreet Kaur Introduction The word democracy describes a Political System of any country. Dramatic changes have taken place in recent Years at the national level with respect to the day today functioning of our constitutional democracy. In a Democratic country like Canada , America all the citizens that are eligible have the rights to participate directly or indirectly in decision making that affect them. Canada is representative democracy

  • Canada Peacekeeping Roles

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    World Peace Researcher Asif Ali Research Supervisor (Minhaj University, Lahore) Prof. Dr. Nadar Bakht Research Supervisor (Memorial University of New Foundland, Canada) Prof. Ivan Savic 1. Timeline of UN Peacekeeping Missions 2. Peacekeeping 3. Issues with Peacekeeping 4. Canada and International Organizations 5. Canada’s Foreign Security Relationships 6. Peacekeeping Operations of UNO 7. Peace Enforcement: Mapping