Monarchy In Canada

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O Canada, My Canada Two-hundred and forty one years ago, The United States shared a brutal bloodshed with the United Kingdom. After eight years and 217,000 deaths, America won their independence. While many thought it was a good decision for Canada to rebel, her country decided to stay out of the conflict. Some wonder why such a decision came about in Canada. Canada is operated as a constitutional monarchy, where the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, shares power with a constitutionally organized government, led by the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Some also wonder why this government works so well for the Canadian people. "Constitutional Monarchy works well in Canada because it has the ability to adapt to changing conditions over the course of its evolution from a colony to a country" (Canada, A Constitutional Monarchy.) A constitutional monarchy shares power with a constitutionally organized government. The monarch of Canada is also the monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II. It is commonly unknown that Canada is still under Britain 's Queen because she isn 't in the country often and they are mostly just known by their Prime Minister. Canada is still under the queen 's rule because it …show more content…

A monarchy is all Canada has ever known. Throughout the years, Canada has changed and developed a lot as a country. In 1867, Canada was four provinces. Nowadays, Canada is ten provinces and two territories. That is just one of the major ways Canada has changed over the years. Canada has also strengthened their aboriginal rights, judicial activism, and have limited police power. Canada 's monarchy has worked so well in Canada because of its ability to adapt to the many changes. One of the few things in Canada that hasn 't changed is its government. Their government not changing has been one of the most important things about Canada. To do away with crown and to replace it with a republic would require nothing less than a revolution (Coyne.) Canada needs the monarch to stay a civil

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