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  • Quebec Sovereignty Summary

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    Michel Seymour- Quebec Sovereignty: A Legitimate Goal Seymour attempts to set out the legitimacy of a sovereignty movement. While Canada is not attacking the rights or physical security of Quebecers, this does not mean that there is no reason for complaints by Quebecers. Quebec has 25% of Canada’s population, and about 80% of them speak French as their first language. In comparison, the rest of Canada (ROC) there are only about a million people who speak French as their first language. The sovereignty

  • Essay On Quebec's Secession

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    politics and the isolation of Quebec’s culture and language from the rest of Canada. These beliefs are valid but, realistically a secession from Canada will cause economic destruction within the province. It has been reported that the province of Quebec has little economic backing in trade to finance a legitimate government in international politics. Also, issues concerning international trade and negotiations will become difficult to deal with as economic stability will not be immediately guaranteed

  • European Colonialism In Canada

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    essential role in past and present day Montreal/Quebec. In September 1759, Quebec was put under British rule. Montreal was placed under British rule the year after (Massicotte, 2013). This event was crucial in terms of the beginning of the political shift that took place in Montreal and Quebec as a whole. Given that the new political power figure was of British descent, this began the automatic shift of attempting to employ British policies in Quebec. (Massicotte, 2013). It is important when discussing

  • Why Is The St Lawrence Seaway Important To Canada

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    Canada and Quebec, and then flows into the Atlantic Ocean. This body of water is very important to Quebec and Canada. Without it trade would be much more difficult because many things that are traded to Canada come into Canada on ship, and it is made much easier to get to Canada on boat through the St. Lawrence Seaway. The St. Lawrence Seaway flows from the Atlantic Ocean then travels on the border of Quebec and ends near the bottom of Quebec. One other important part of the landforms in Quebec is the

  • Defining Moments In Canada

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    society. The battle of Vimy Ridge granted Canada a global reputation and gave Prime Minister Robert Borden the push towards independence. The FLQ October Crisis was a terroristic incident that stopped Quebec independence. It was also the first non-foreign terrorist attack to hit Canadian soil (Quèbec), and the city of Africville, Halifax reveals the racial prejudice that harboured in early Canada and how white supremacy affected lower class minorities. These moments together aided in defining Canada

  • Summary: The Quiet Revolution

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    For many years Quebec had fallen behind the rest of the country in their social conditions while they were led by Maurice Duplessis and the Union Nationale as they rejected any progressive ideas and worked to keep Quebec 's focus on the French language, the Catholic Church, and Quebec 's culture. After the death of Duplessis and the election of their new liberal leader Jean Lesage, Quebec started the Quiet Revolution where they began to turn their back on the Catholic Church, change their traditions

  • Rene Boisvert Speech And Advertisements

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    for social studies – Monday 18th April 2016 Task 1 The speech is held by, Rene Boisvert. He is a French-Canadian politician and a Quebec separatist. He begins describing Quebec as a distinct society from the English-speaking Canada. The political demands and main message is political sovereignty over Ottawa and their own independence. He encourage the citizens of Quebec to come together and fight for their rights. Rene Boisvert use many different language feature in his appeal to enhance his main

  • How Did Pierre Trudeau Changed Canada?

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    “Just watch me”. One of the most popular quotes in all of Canadian history and was said by Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau. His legacy, attitude, and work transformed Canada and still continues to do so. Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada, from 1968 to 1979 and from 1980 to 1984. Pierre Trudeau changed Canada’s social-political ideology. Canada is now known to be a diverse, multicultural, bilingual and inclusive nation largely as a result of his work. Pierre Elliott Trudeau

  • How Did Confederation Shaped Canada

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    Canada has many events that had helped shape our country today. Some events were minor events, while some events had major parts in the creation of Canada. I think Confederation, The Rebellions of 1838 to 1838, and The Quebec Act of 1774, were all very important events in the history of Canada. Confederation was important because if Canada hadn’t joined together to form a strong alliance against enemies, their foes could’ve come in and stolen Rupert’s Land so a lot of what is now Canada would be

  • Quebec's Multicultural Culture

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    Quebec, Canada is a multicultural state, its beautiful nature views are sure to catch the eye. Quebec is Canada 's largest state and home to more 8.2 million people. Quebec is a vibrant multicultural state, often its recognition as the as the ‘European of North America’. Quebec is also famous for its forest and vast waterways. It has more freshwater than any other state. People come to Quebec each year from more than 100 countries. Helping to give to multicultural character of state

  • Examples Of Post Colonialism

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    Canada becomes marginalization through post-colonialism. Here she pointed out Quebec, which is colonized by France, is a good example about first imperial force of pre-colonial history. In 1608, French explorers arrived Quebec and made it became French colony. After the Seven Years War between Britain and France, they signed the Treaty of Paris and ceded Quebec to Britain in 1763. Under the colonized of Britain, Quebec could keep speaking French and keep French culture, which

  • My Dearest Marie Analysis

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    My dearest Marie, Oh, how things have changed. It has been almost twelve years since you moved back to France to take care of our father; we both know that our mother’s death burdens him the most. Mother passed so quickly, the coroner still isn’t fully sure why she died. Isn’t it hard to believe that it was almost 20 years ago when we worked up enough courage and saved up enough money to move all the way to North America? Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when Monsieur Boovelle was trying his hardest

  • Why Is Pierre Trudeau's Prime Powerful

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    In October 1970, a Quebec minister and a British diplomat were kidnapped by the FLQ. First on October 5th, the members of FLQ kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross. Then on October 10th they kidnapped Pierre Laporte the minister and deputy premier. The group name FLQ stands for Front for the Liberation of Quebec. (Front de libération du Québec). It was a group of people that would steal and threaten anyone. They had stolen

  • Multi-Cultural Analysis

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    Calgary because this city also have a place where you can ski and drive on snowboard. For my opinion Quebec is that city that every touristy (who really love history) must to visit, too. If you visit this city you can return to seventeen century, for example. Quebec imbued with the spirit of antiquity and of itself is a true work of art. I hope that I will try the half-tradition Canadian dish, “Quebec pie”, but I want to try pie what call “Saguenay-Lac- Saint-Jean”, what mean that this pie will be with

  • Canadian Constitution Research Paper

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    has begun to seem as though these once unifying documents are now creating more of a divide around the country rather than unification; this divide can often be seen throughout many of the Quebec separatist movements that have occurred over generations. This creation of a divide across the country, mainly in Quebec, has shown that

  • The FLQ And The October Crisis In Canada

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    The 1960’s and 70’s were a time of political turmoil and unrest in Canadian history. The October of 1970 in particular, is a period remembered for its violence and hate. The kidnapping of two Canadian politicians by the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ), a terrorist group, changed Canadian society forever. The FLQ and the October Crisis ignited separatist feelings in French Canadians, changed the way the government handled national emergencies and altered Canadians’ opinions on key issues. The

  • Globalization In Canada Essay

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    Prior to analyzing the impacts of globalization on the Canadian state, it is crucial to examine the nation’s situation before its presence. During the absence of the Europeans, primarily the English and the French, Canada’s economy was largely based on the trading societies of the Aboriginal peoples, farming, and hunting (Drummond, 2006, 1). In the 16th century, the presence of the English and French settlers resulted in the progression of economic development through the trades that occurred between

  • The Transcontinental Railway: An Important Role In Industrialization

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    running from Winnipeg to Moncton. It was built to help increase development in Quebec and Ontario.“Its purpose was to provide western Canada with direct rail connection to Canadian Atlantic ports, and to open up and develop the northern frontiers of Ontario and Québec.”(Canadian Encyclopedia). The effects and demands of railway had been immensely controversial. After the railway was built, business in Ontario and Quebec increased, as well as helped to expand Canada and create more diversity of the

  • Jean Chrétien Speech Analysis

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    Chrétien: Passionate Plea For Unity Chrétien’s speech is mainly targeted towards Quebecers wishing to separate from our country. This speech took place prior to the referendum regarding the issue of whether or not Quebec should proclaim its individual sovereignty. Chrétien also recognizes Quebec as a “distinct society” whilst specifying Quebec’s unique language and culture which makes it an admirable community. To bring this all together, Chrétien stresses the beauty in Canadian diversity, generosity

  • John A. Macdonald: Responsible Government

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    opportunity for the British. This is because then the British can get around another way to capture Quebec. It is important because it was the most serious of the fighting between the British and French. The British captured Louisbourg that year and they also destroyed the fortress. In 1759, General Wolfe sailed from Britain with soldiers, guns, cannonballs and ships in order for the British to capture Quebec so they would have more