Bill 21 And Its Effect On Quebec Society

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Amna Talha
Ms. Scopis
16 January, 2023
Ruination or Salvation?
Bill 21 And Its Effect On Quebec Society The 21st century is a period of equality, freedom, and justice, as the poets say. Everyone is treated equally regardless of their race, gender or religion. Everyone has the freedom to believe, love and respect whomever they wish. Everyone, except for the citizens of Quebec. Quebec is a province in Canada, strongly known for its historical ties to France. This province is well known for its unique culture, festivals, and advancements in society. As a province part of an inclusive country, everyone has high expectations of Quebec to be as diverse and open-minded as Canada. In reality, Quebec is quite the opposite. On June 16, 2019, …show more content…

Government politics play an important role in the well-being of society. The government creates basic rules and regulations which the population must follow for peace and prosperity to remain. If a political system has any faults, then the corresponding population must suffer because of it. Through the legislation of Bill 21, the Quebec political system is facing many disruptions. The legislation of Bill 21 has created many negative impacts on political affairs. Some negative impacts that Bill 21 created in Quebec’s political affairs are its impacts on employment, its impacts on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, and its impact on secularism. To begin, Bill 21 has negatively affected the political system, through its impacts on employment. The main purpose of Bill 21 was to refrain any citizens from wearing their religious symbols to work. Through the legislation of Bill 21, many employees were forced to resign as they resisted stopping wearing their religious symbols. Several aspiring employees have decided to move provinces due to the discrimination they were facing from the legislation of Bill 21 as well. For example, a news article from CTV news reported an online survey that was conducted by researchers at Mcgill and Concordia Universities. The results stated that of 629 law and education students, more than half would leave Quebec to find work after …show more content…

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