Pros And Cons Of Canada Senate

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The Senate in Canada should be abolished
Introduction: Canada senate is a part of legislation institution in Canada, which represents the interests of upper class people. Different from America, it is not produced by election but directly-nominated by the premier and appointed by governor. Senate, governor, and the House of Commons are like three legs of a tripod which constitute the congress and legislation system in Canada. Senate undertakes the responsibility of proposing expostulation to governor and cabinet, which acts the role of supervision and restriction. Senate played critical role when Canada established federal government in 1867, the diversity of senators warrants the smooth convey of popular will to governors and legislators coming from different ethnic group and social status. Above all, the senators nominated by senate are the venerable politicians, nobles, and the people possessing good prestige and social status. So Senate is a good completion and supplement to the House of Commons from both the political background and diversity, which can reach a balance and stability for legislation system. With the social progress and continues development of legislation system, the rhetoric and proud of appointment and dismissal, the power of supervision and voting are replaced by the “Only relatives are employed”, ”political return” system. The shortcoming of system and its devoid of keeping pace to time finally hamper the development of itself, however. Under this circumstances, “Duffy” is the essential victim under the increasingly corrupt …show more content…

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