Strengths Of Democracy In Canada

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Democracy in Canada

Name : Harpreet Kaur

The word democracy describes a Political System of any country. Dramatic changes have taken place in recent Years at the national level with respect to the day today functioning of our constitutional democracy. In a Democratic country like Canada , America all the citizens that are eligible have the rights to participate directly or indirectly in decision making that affect them. Canada is representative democracy. Canadian citizens normally elect some person to represent them in making decisions at the different levels of government that is called representative democracy. The whole body is eligible citizen remain the power but political power is exercised …show more content…

Example of democracy is the type of government in the United States.

Strengths as democracy:
In democratised countries the people have the rights who are elected into any form of government office. These elected person officially make the decisions based on the people want and in the best majority of people. They represent the citizen of country in a way that they could not do for themselves.
If someone has an issue or something that they feel should change then they can easily access their local elected person at their office and that person can help them with their problems and guide them through the steps they need to take to get it to the next level of government.
Knowing that they have a voice in the government urges people to be more educated and up to date on issues that are happening in the country as well as the world. Each year we see an increase in the amount of people showing up to vote for their officials.
Canada’s respect for legal, wealth, human and civil rights almost promises that this country has the potential to uphold a legitimate …show more content…

This can project the people from anything they would disagree to occur.
Democracy is based on the rule of equality which means that all the people are equal as far as the law is concerned.
Every person has the right to enjoy and experience social, political and economic rights and state is not allowed to discriminate him on the standard of gender, class, property or religion.
When there are fixed and elected representative a more responsible government is formed. People under this type of system can discuss matters and problems thoroughly to come up with sensible decision.
Weakness as democracy:
The weakness of Canadian democracy is parliamentary democracy. In parliamentary democracies government is formed by the party that is receiving more votes. This works well as long that party has the majority in parliament. If the party does not have a majority it must form a coalition with weaker parties until the government gets a majority .This cause instability in the

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