Essay On Australian Democracy

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Australia is a Democracy
Never before have there been so many democracies in the world or so many competitive elections conducted at national, subnational and region levels. Democracy is now prescribed as inseparable from good governance and an antidote to corruption. The key aspects of what makes Australia a democracy being the electoral role, Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), referendumsm, the rule of law
The separate colonies of Australia gained self-government during the nineteenth century and less than half a century later Australia became the first nation to vote itself into existence through popular referendum. How does Australia’s democracy in today’s modern age stack up on those early days of a fledgling democracy. The term democracy is a contested concept with many classifications. A government made up of the people for the people is the easiest definition to focus on. A democracy needs have these key elements of a political system for choosing the …show more content…

In a democracy, the rule of law defends the rights of citizens, upholds order, and bounds the power of government. All people are equal under the law. The rule of law. Martin Krygier, Professor of Law at the University of New South Wales, argues that there are four essential principles underlying the rule of law. They are universality of the scope of the law, clarity for all citizens, supportive and culturally appropriate institutions and an appropriate legal culture. (Yencken, D. 2008) Australia’s legal and political system meets these criteria. It is yet important to recognise that the rule of law significantly depends on legal precedent for its active upkeep. No government official may violate these limits. No ruler, minister, or political party can tell a judge how to decide a case. Office holders cannot use their power to enrich themselves. Independent courts and commissions punish corruption, no matter who is

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