Personal Reflection On Law: A Personal Study Of Law

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Law personal statement main As a child, looking up to law-enforcers such as police officer’s has made me believe that Law is the backbone of our society. Without it, everyday life would not be tolerable. My passion for law developed when I stepped into the Supreme Court and watched a court case in the Old Bailey. The law is an intriguing concept, evolving from society’s originalities and moral perspectives. By participating in the legal system, we may endeavour to formulate a link between our own unique beliefs and the world in which we live. Evidently, a just sense of legality is a potent prerequisite for change, enabling society to continue its quest for universal equality and justice. Aristotle once stated that "even when laws have been written down, they ought not to remain unaltered". Throughout my A level studies I have become increasingly attracted to the study of Law and wish to pursue a degree in this subject to reinforce and develop my knowledge and understanding of the legal system. Studying law has provided me with a solid grounding in the English Legal system. This has helped me in memorising important cases and in developing my skills with the ability of working under pressure while delivering work to high standards. Studying Law has also helped my debating and in-depth discussions, allowing me to analyse cases where there are huge controversies (Re.A and R v Dudley and Stephens) to expand my ideas by gaining a wider understanding of the complexity of this

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