Why Law Enforcement Is Important Essay

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magine a world without laws, Imagine people being able to commit crimes without anything being done, Imagine how all this important information about laws and why we have them would be nothing in the world today. Crimes are committed on a daily basis, but the law does everything to help those people who are in danger of committing those crimes by stopping them before it’s too late. sometimes the crimes are committed before the law can get to them so enforcement takes the job of taking their freedom away for them. Law Enforcement is important because without it everyone would be afraid of life. Everyone needs it for as long as Humanity exists because as humans people create mistakes that can severely harm and hurt others. Law Enforcement has a main reason in life, in why it exists and what exactly it does. It a main job in life, it helps keep people safe in the world today. Law enforcement helps keep criminals away and provides criminal justice. It has made many systems that have helped figure out those who committed crimes (“Law Enforcement” FBI). Many people ask themselves why the law enforcement exists. The main reason why Enforcement it exists even today is because people continue to commit crimes without realizing. Crimes can be committed without realizing they are being done. The most targeted in this society …show more content…

They want to establish justice. Establishing justice is needed in making sure that everything is fair for everyone. They want to insure domestic tranquility. This means that everyone feels safe and not scared of their lives. They also want to secure the blessings of liberty to everyone as individual and everyone’s property, this means they want to give everyone tranquility, defense, general welfare and liberty (“Law Enforcement and Protection”). This information supports my thesis because it explains why everyone has it, why it’s important, and what exactly is Law

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