Sir Robert Peel Principles In Law Enforcement

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The principles of Sir Robert Peel are important for America today, and help shape todays modern police forces. Peels principles help keep order and peace to the police force of America. Peel drafted one of the first police bills in 1828, to improve the police in the Metropolis, it was passed in 1829 ( ). There are nine total principles in total that help guide the law enforcement. The first principle describes the basic mission to why police exist. The main reason we need police according the Peels first principle is to prevent crime and disorder. This is an important principle for all law enforcement. If the police did not prevent crime and disorder, then there would not be a reason for a police force at all. In todays modern…show more content…
This is an important concept because it explains that officers should not follow society and pressure from the public and media but follow the laws that our country. This a good thing to have when dealing with persuasive criminals and individuals. Both officers and civilians benefit from this principle because it protects both parties. Officers also need to know the laws, so they can stay away form trouble and not be deceived by public persuasion. This is a good thing to have in America today, because many criminals will say anything to get out of punishment. Also, it good for civilians know the laws of the land as well, in case an officer goes against them, so the individual can protect them self’s and educate if…show more content…
The principle explains that police should use only the amount of physical force necessary to restore order and protect public if using warning or persuasion is not working on an individual. This is important because it is not ok for anyone to use physical force in not completely necessary. If using physical force is not required, then it should always be avoided. Although, if an officer must use physical force than it should be the least amount necessary to protect the individual and surrounding public. For modern police officers this an important principle, this is not always followed and not following this principle causes many unnecessary tragedies and conflicts. This principle should be used by the general public as well, in case of an incident, to only use self-defense if absolutely necessary. The seventh principle of peel is a really important for everyone to remember. This principal helps people understand that there is not much difference between the public and officers. The principal explains that the police are the public and the public are the police, the only difference is that police are payed and make it their full-time duty for modern police officers and public this is important for people to remember because of big divide between the
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