Environmental Crime Prevention

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Crime is a blemish in almost every society. Criminals and law breakers have been around since biblical times and still haunt societies today. The American Criminal Justice System is in place to attempt to help control criminals. The idea is not to create a perfect society where no crime will be committed, but to contain the crime. Predicting crime is not an easy task, criminal justice officials take many steps to prevent crime from happening. Environmental Design is a key aspect of helping prevent crimes Crime prevention through environmental design is a problem-solving approach to crime prevention.
According to Peak (2015), crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is defined as “proper design and effective use of the environment that can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life” (p. 111). The technique of CPTED often asks the two same questions, what makes this location a risk for people, and what lead to the opportunity for crime to happen here (Zahm, 2007)? Crime prevention through …show more content…

First, when CPTED is properly applied the environment speaks out to the offender in terms of physical opportunities (Parnaby, 2006). Having a fence separating a front yard from a back yard may prevent an offender from attempting to jump over. Next, Paranby (2006) states “the effects of CPTED are also experienced on a level that is, in a sense, more social than environmental” (p.10). When CPTED is recognized, it encourages and assists property owners to understand how property management can establish a safer lot. Using this as a defensive technique is believed to emerge with a sense of territoriality whereby residents want to show more care knowing it will protect their property (Paranby, 2006). Supporters and practitioners of CPTED attempt to mobilize clients to become willing participants to attempt to grow the technique (Paranby,

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