Gang Essays

  • The Benefits Of Gangs

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    the free will to do what they wish to partake in, good or bad. Gangs are vast contributors

  • Gangs And Gang Involvement By Beth Bjerregaard

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    In the article “Gang Membership and Drug Involvement“ by Beth Bjerregaard, when we hear about gangs we think of murders and drug dealers but are gangs involved in more stuff than we think. Gangs are more likely to sell drugs than non gang members. Gang relationships are very complicated and many members have violent behaviors . Gang memberships and their drug use. Many gangs sold drugs likes heroin, cocaine and marijuana. But most of these member are not daily users of the drugs they sell. People

  • Gang Violence: The Causes Of African American Gangs

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    The definition of a gang as most of us know it, is an organization or group of criminals. A violent group that comes in many different types’, race, age, and geographic background. However, most gangs reside in urban areas and in poor community. The most recognizable gangs that the American media, culture, and justice system look at frequently is African American gangs. Those are the at-risk gangs or thugs that is frequently said to African American gangs. In the 1990s, gang violence was on the rise

  • Gang Injunctions Against Diablos And Westside Gang

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    Gang Injunctions against Diablos and Westside Gang Throughout the years, communities have been warned and targeted constantly against gangs and their formations. Gangs have expanded in quantity and their influence has expanded in different cities all throughout California. According to the Escondido Police Department, "Gangs can be organized around race or ethnic groups, money-making activities, or territory. Most gang members are male; they range in ages from 8 to 22 years. Young people give various

  • Latino Gangs

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    “Society thinks we are monsters.” Mr. Antunez said at the beginning of the article Shuttling Between Nations, Latino Gangs Confound the Law. The following paper is going to take a close look at several aspects of Latino gangs and their effects on culture. The taboos and deviant acts that are committed by both groups. Actions the dominant culture has done to enforce the rules of society and, more closely, ways that the dominant culture has been deviant. The material and nonmaterial items in both cultures

  • Juvenile Gangs

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    Delinquency: Juvenile Gangs and Violence Going to school, doing homework, and playing are usual daily activities most young children worry about. Unfortunately, some children grow up in very punitive environments or hang out with the wrong crowd and as they grow up. Therefore, they feel lost and are in a search of belonging. Which leads to children ending up committing delinquent acts to fit in with the gang society in order to form a “family” as a sense of belonging. Many gangs begin with young

  • Youth Gangs

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    into youth gangs. Considering the increasing number of youth involved in gangs, how does the lifestyle of a young gang member differ from that of a child who lives a normal life as a law-abiding citizen? To answer the question, this paper will use Adam Lusher’s article, Gangs Recruiting Children as Young as 12 as Class A Drug Dealers, in part with other sources to gain deeper insight to the following: defining organized crime, explaining why children join youth gangs, the structure of gangs and experiences

  • Gang As An Organization

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    issue of the gang as an organization is contested. Discuss the concept of the gang as an organization using evidence and research to support your arguments. To understand the functions of a gang as an organization we would delve into the meaning of the word gang as well as highlight the factors that defines, and is associated with gang operations. There is no single, accepted nationwide definition of a gang. It has been firmly established that the characteristics and behaviors of gangs are exceptionally

  • Yakuza Gang

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    Japan has the largest organized crime syndicate in the world. It’s called Yakuza. This particular gang, is very well known nationally, and is one of the largest gangs. It was founded in 1915, and it’s believed to originate from the last samurais. They are also considered an international syndicate, being active in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Hawaii etc. Their criminal activity includes: drug trafficking, money laundering, gambling, prostitution and bribery. Corporate

  • Gang Violence: The Gang Problem In Las Vegas

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    of these gangs are taking innocent lives and making the community a harder place to raise a family in. Many of the gangs in Vegas account for most the drug trade, as well as the staggering homicide rate. The gang problem is not only a problem in Las Vegas, but it is all over the world. Gang violence is a problem in every major United States city including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) has implicated many programs to fight the increasing gang issue across

  • Youth Gang Essay

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    the youth gang problem in Indianapolis, the definition of a gang must be established. While the definition of a “gang” varies among different jurisdictions, there are reoccurring criteria for a gang that is easily identifiable. The National Gang Center lists 5 criteria that are commonly used for classifying groups as gangs. First, the group has three or more members, ranging from ages 12 to 24. This first criteria eliminates the perception that youth gangs simply consist of juveniles. Gangs usually

  • Gang Culture Essay

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    around 2,000 murders are gang-related, and about 13% of all murders are gang related” (Safe At Last). The most common gang crimes are robbery, drug and gun trafficking, prostitution and human trafficking, and fraud. This means that people not affected could start to see an increase in crime in their communities/neighborhoods. Gangs are responsible for many of the crimes in the United States. This was brought to light through the music scene and rivalries associated through gangs at the time, but what

  • Teenage Gang Crime

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    Al Pacino, the Godfather himself, has been seen and caught making underhanded deals with gangs today as he did in his younger days, we see that it is not uncommon for teenagers to join gangs as if they've been lead astray on another path that is dark. Teenage gang activity has been the cause of many petty crimes and the distribution of starter and "gateway" drugs to the general public, there are many incidents of juvenile delinquencies throughout many communities around the world, and most, if not

  • The MS-13 Gang

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    The MS-13 gang, well known as Mara Salvatrucha 13, is one of the most organized and violently dangerous gangs in the United States. The gang was establishes in the 1980, in the predominately Spanish speaking parts of Los Angeles, initially starting off with refuges who were in nature calm and in control. However, some Mexican immigrants began their power guiding and controlling these individuals into an underworld organization, which quickly began to harden the individuals. Once this occurred in

  • Essay On Gang Violence

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    Throughout the 17th-century gangs have been causing havoc in people's life and destroying the society. The National Institute of Justice (2011) has defined a gang as "A group of collective members which create an atmosphere of intimidation among citizens." Many of these gangs are well organized, using different forms of violence to control neighbourhoods and to conduct their illegal activities. The National Gang Threat Assessment (2011) reports that “Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent

  • Essay On Traditional Gang

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    Gang Definition and Classification Classifying gangs is no simple task and to begin you must thoroughly understand the definition and requirements of being classified as a such. There are multiple definitions of a gang, according to The Modern Gang Reader but the one I will focus on is “A street gang is any durable street-oriented youth group whose involvement in illegal activity is part of its group identity.” Now that the definition has been identified it needs to be broken down further to clearly

  • Gang Violence Essay

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    Problem With Gang Violence Imagine you're walking down a street in a shady, dark part of town, and you get to the corner of the street. Once you get to the edge you see two teenage boys, the same two teenage boys that always hang around that exact corner. You think you have an idea of what they are doing but you're not sure. This example may seem extreme to some, but it is a scenario that is common to many people living in large cities in the US. Gang violence can affect many neighborhoods

  • The Problem Of Gang Violence

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    Gang violence, it is tearing apart families as well as entire cities. Gang violence has affected a plethora of people as well as whole cities. Some people may even be afraid to leave their home in fear of being attacked or robbed. Police forces are trying to prevent it to the best of their ability, but there are many other solutions as to handling this issue. Recently there was a movie that depicted the issue of gang violence and their response was quarantining certain parts of the city. Another

  • Gang Violence Theory

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    cities is gang violence. The following will describe this problem theoretically and the general problems associated with gang violence, as well as its existence in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Furthermore, discussing the programs in place by local, state and federal authorities to solve these methods, as well as their effectiveness. Concluded by a recommendation for tackling this issue in the future. Gang Violence Theory – General problem The dominant indicator or measure for gang violence

  • The Cause Of Gang Violence

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    the question that was left behind is why did gangs turn violent and the most accurate/common answer is the impact of poverty and lack of resources, you might still be asking what that has to do with violence well since members were in lack of money they began to sell drugs doing drive-by shootings, and breaking into homes. The second most common reason is they are in lack of resources. In most cases gang members come from families that either were gang affiliated themselves when they were younger