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  • Classifying Gangs

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    Gang Definition and Classification Classifying gangs is no simple task and to begin you must thoroughly understand the definition and requirements of being classified as a such. There are multiple definitions of a gang, according to The Modern Gang Reader but the one I will focus on is “A street gang is any durable street-oriented youth group whose involvement in illegal activity is part of its group identity.” Now that the definition has been identified it needs to be broken down further to clearly

  • Victimization In The Gangs

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    Gangs throughout North America have been known to commit acts of violent victimization, towards other gang members and civilians alike, as well as other forms of organized crime. This can and has led to violence throughout communities which can cause unease and fear to propagate through them. One way that people cope with the problem is to join another gang within or close to their community. One may do this is to seek a sense of safety within the gang, and so that they can help provide protection

  • Youth Gangs

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    into youth gangs. Considering the increasing number of youth involved in gangs, how does the lifestyle of a young gang member differ from that of a child who lives a normal life as a law-abiding citizen? To answer the question, this paper will use Adam Lusher’s article, Gangs Recruiting Children as Young as 12 as Class A Drug Dealers, in part with other sources to gain deeper insight to the following: defining organized crime, explaining why children join youth gangs, the structure of gangs and experiences

  • Gang Organization

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    issue of the gang as an organization is contested. Discuss the concept of the gang as an organization using evidence and research to support your arguments. To understand the functions of a gang as an organization we would delve into the meaning of the word gang as well as highlight the factors that defines, and is associated with gang operations. There is no single, accepted nationwide definition of a gang. It has been firmly established that the characteristics and behaviors of gangs are exceptionally

  • Gang Violence: The Causes Of African American Gangs

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    The definition of a gang as most of us know it, is an organization or group of criminals. A violent group that comes in many different types’, race, age, and geographic background. However, most gangs reside in urban areas and in poor community. The most recognizable gangs that the American media, culture, and justice system look at frequently is African American gangs. Those are the at-risk gangs or thugs that is frequently said to African American gangs. In the 1990s, gang violence was on the rise

  • Four Types Of Gangs

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    A gang is a group of friends or family with internal organization and attributable leadership. They usually ask for control over territory in a society, and engage either individually or mutually in violent or criminal behavior. Gangs are defined in four types by Mr. Chu in 1999, they are undesirable gang, bullying gang, street corner gang and triad gang respectively. The four types of gangs mentioning above involve a process of development. If they are not handled in a suitable way, they may commit

  • The Dangers Of Teen Gangs

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    Teen Gangs “Reports show that gangs are present in every state in the US, where in 1970 they existed in less than half of all states” (Lohmann). Teen gangs are started around the ages of 14 and 15. When teenagers get into a gang, he or she usually gets into the gang to make themselves look resilient or try to blend in, in account of problems at home or simply if one does not feel loved. Teen gangs are becoming a problem in the United States and the effects of these gangs are unnecessary youth deaths

  • The Causes Of Teen Gangs

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    2018 Teen Gangs Teen gangs have been problematic throughout the country for many decades. But are gangs really that bad? Although Teen Gangs are a common reason many teens are severely injured or killed, there are positive attributes such as education skills and life lessons. “Innocent B.C.”). A fifteen-year-old  teen was with his family, heading home to suburban Coquitlam from a Saturday-night outing in the city, when he ran into the deadly crossfire of the region’s intermittent gang war. The fifteen-year-old

  • Gang Violence: The Gang Problem In Las Vegas

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    of these gangs are taking innocent lives and making the community a harder place to raise a family in. Many of the gangs in Vegas account for most the drug trade, as well as the staggering homicide rate. The gang problem is not only a problem in Las Vegas, but it is all over the world. Gang violence is a problem in every major United States city including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) has implicated many programs to fight the increasing gang issue across

  • Violence In School, Gangs And Gang-Related Violence In Schools

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    relationship between gang-related violence in schools and street gangs. The author came across the conception that gang-related violence that takes place in schools is triggered by the street gang activities and lifestyle that come to pass in the community, which can be formulated in two fashion, in term of gang learners being part of the street gang and conducting part of their activities in the school grounds. While on the other side, the gang learners are forming their own gang groups that are not

  • Gang Violence Theory

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    cities is gang violence. The following will describe this problem theoretically and the general problems associated with gang violence, as well as its existence in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Furthermore, discussing the programs in place by local, state and federal authorities to solve these methods, as well as their effectiveness. Concluded by a recommendation for tackling this issue in the future. Gang Violence Theory – General problem The dominant indicator or measure for gang violence

  • Poverty And Lack Of Gangs

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    the question that was left behind is why did gangs turn violent and the most accurate/common answer is the impact of poverty and lack of resources, you might still be asking what that has to do with violence well since members were in lack of money they began to sell drugs doing drive-by shootings, and breaking into homes. The second most common reason is they are in lack of resources. In most cases gang members come from families that either were gang affiliated themselves when they were younger

  • Essay On Urban Gangs

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    The term gang can be attached to a legion of groups which would include outlaws from back in the nineteenth century in the west of America, a congregation of unruly prison inmates, members of the triads, the mafioso, and other organised criminal entities such as sons of anarchy a know motorcycle gang, and groups of socially displaced inner city youths. Despite its diverse definition, the term gang most of the times denotes the involvement to illegal or disreputable activities. The term gang were mostly

  • Psychology Of Gangs In Society

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    The concept of gangs is a simple, but complex as the mind of man slips further away from logic due to social issues becoming a gateway to violence. Gangs have become a scapegoat to identity and power due to those stuck in poverty and those who are vilified by society in the middle class. The psychology of gangs is perplexing today more than ever, it has moved from a need for something to a suicidal mission which can put every one at risk. The sociological structure develops this mind set as social

  • Are Teens Attracted To Gangs

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    Al Pacino, the Godfather himself, has been seen and caught making underhanded deals with gangs today as he did in his younger days, we see that it is not uncommon for teenagers to join gangs as if they've been lead astray on another path that is dark. Teenage gang activity has been the cause of many petty crimes and the distribution of starter and "gateway" drugs to the general public, there are many incidents of juvenile delinquencies throughout many communities around the world, and most, if not

  • Essay On Gang Violence

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    Throughout the 17th-century gangs have been causing havoc in people's life and destroying the society. The National Institute of Justice (2011) has defined a gang as "A group of collective members which create an atmosphere of intimidation among citizens." Many of these gangs are well organized, using different forms of violence to control neighbourhoods and to conduct their illegal activities. The National Gang Threat Assessment (2011) reports that “Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent

  • Gang Rivalries In The Outsiders

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    Gang rivalries always string along much more than just a bitter rivalry and some tension. For the Gresers and Socs, it led to murder. For these two gangs the root of their rivalry is their social and economic differences. The Greasers are East side lower class kids who grease up their hair and the Socs are high class stuck ups from nice neighborhoods. The Greasers despite being thought of as ruthless criminals have a unique sense of loyalty among themselves. Empathy is also key to the

  • Theories Of Gang Delinquency

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    believe that the most common form of delinquency is gang relation, which is related to learned behaviors. The origins of delinquent behavior and the context in which it develop are examined in chapter 5 and chapter 7. The theoretical perceptive of both readings apply symbolic interactionism to the understanding of criminal behavior by insisting behavior is learned in a social environment, which was stated by Sutherland. Criminologist began studying gang delinquency and theorizing about the delinquent

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gangs

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    Gang membership and gang involvement have been a growing concern in the world today. Many places such like Canada and the United States have reported higher amounts of gang involvement in the last five years, reporting numbers of around 900 gang in the United States alone as of 2010( Totten and Totten 2012). However researcher often the question why is that the case? Thought out this paper will address what gangs members and memberships itself offers teenage boys, in lower-income families? Forcing

  • Essay About Gangs

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    Gangs in the United States Gangs have been a part of the United States culture since the beginning of our nation. They are an organized group of criminals who defend their turf and mark the streets and territory with graffiti (Stark 15). Most gang members wear color bandanas in order to represent their gang and to create an identity. Today, gang violence is a huge problem in America because it creates homicides and violence crimes. There is also a problem regarding the reason why young people join