Adnan Syed's Case Analysis

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When a person in the United States commits a crime they will be penalized for that said crime. The United States criminal justice system is the department established by the government to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate the law. The criminal justice system has allowed the government to lock away several people who have committed several crimes and who are a danger to society. With that being said, the criminal justice system also has some flaws. For instance, sometimes wrongfully convicted people get put in jail like in Adnan Syed’s case. Adnan Syed was convicted of killing his on-and-off-again high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in Baltimore in 1999. He supposedly strangled her and has spent the last sixteen years …show more content…

Koenig also saw this first hand when she started calling Adnan at the prison and started speaking to him herself. Adnan has kept his innocence throughout everything he has been through with being convicted of killing Hae Lee. He can also tell if someone is trying to hurt him or help him with proving his innocence and that is why he fired his first attorney, Christina Gutierrez. When Adnan was asked by Christina if he wanted to testify or remain silent he said he would remain silent but that is not what he wanted to do (Episode 9). He told Sarah that he wanted to testify but that his attorney advised against it (Episode 9). During the trial Adnan said that, “The prosecution did a masterful job of presenting the facts,” and he also said that Miss Gutierrez did not have a clear outline (Episode 10). Everything was jumbled and she took so long to question witnesses and cross-examine people. Even people on the jury said that “Christina’s strategy was a little lost on them too.” Christina had also been slipping in her work for awhile and kept taking on cases and work that she could not do. She also kept asking her clients for outrageous amounts of money and was not using it for what she told her clients she was going to use it for. Adnan ended up firing Christina because of her lack of effectiveness and the fact that she did not use Asia McClain’s testimony that she saw Adnan in the library after school that day during the time of the

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