Hae Min Lee Murder Analysis

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Murder, the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Premeditated means that the killing of the person was planned out, this helps support that Adnan Syed is not guilty. In 1999 an eighteen year old girl named Hae Min Lee went missing from Baltimore, Maryland. Her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed was accused of murdering her and disposing her body in Leakin park. The problem is that all the evidence used to persecute Adnan does not add up to make a strong case. This case has many strong pieces of evidence, which show that Adnan was not capable of killing Hae Min Lee. There was very little evidence found and the evidence can not prove Adnan to be guilty. Adnan was at school on the day Hae was killed. When she was found and analyzed it was…show more content…
Jay Wild is believed to be a witness because he claims to have helped Adnan with the murder, Jay said, “we never hung out in the morning. Just normal conversation like, ‘I think she’s fucking around. I’m gonna kill that bitch, man”. Adnan's vulgar statements about Hae make it sound like he really hates he and he even states that he wants to kill her. If this was proved to be true it could really affect how Adnan is viewed and how he viewed Hae. This is not a very reliable statement to go off of because Jay had very inconsistent stories of how the murder happened and what went on during the day. Haes family did not know that Hae and Adnan were once a couple and did so much together. The Baltimore police sergeant’s spokesperson said, "Apparently, Miss Lee wished to terminate the relationship”. The police are a reliable source for information because they do lots of extensive research and try to figure out what exactly happened during a crime. Except the police officer stating this has no proof that Hae wanted to be apart from Adnan. In fact, She used to journal about how she loves Adnan even though they were not

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