Hae Min Lee Persuasive Essay

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According to JK Rowling in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, “Killing is not so easy as the innocent believe.” On January 13, 1999 Hae Min Lee, a senior at Woodlawn High School, Baltimore, Maryland disappeared. Almost a month later, on February 9, 1999, her body was found lifeless in Leakin Park. Moreover, the results of the autopsy stated that the victim died of manual strangulation. In the most unfortunate cases, the crime was blamed on her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, who got convicted of first degree murder serving a life sentence in jail. The question everyone’s asking is, was it right that the court decided to convict Adnan Syed? Hae Lee’s death is shattering, but Adnan shouldn’t have been condemned of the crime because he is not …show more content…

The stories Jay told the police had complications since it kept changing from one detail to another. In Jay’s first interrogation, he mentioned that he was shopping with a friend, whom we later recognized as Adnan, and this friend said that he was going to kill someone. Jay asked Adnan for a ride to buy a gift for his girlfriend, and coincidentally Adnan left his phone in his own car with Jay promising him a call. It is an imperative scenario because this is where Jay claimed that Adnan left to kill Hae. Later that day, Jay asserted that he received a call from Adnan saying that Hae was dead and he should pick him up at Best Buy. Furthermore, in the next interrogation Jay claimed that there were security cameras outside Best Buy. Now the question is, how would Jay know this? And why does it bother him? When the security cameras were checked, suspiciously, there was no files in regards to that day. So, if Jay didn’t do it and there’s no clear evidence pointing that Adnan did it, why is he convicted by this quasi-false deposition? Moreover, cellphone records are volatile in terms of determining a person’s location. According to the podcast, cellphones routed through a particular tower and antenna does not mean that the call was actually made or received from within the territory. In addition, …show more content…

According to the podcast, Adnan is still coming out of school by that time and according to the State Hae was being killed during 2:15 and 2:36PM. Adnan said that you can’t just go out and drive away when the bell rings. It takes time to ride your car, drive away from the parking lot. In the same fashion, there’s a traffic in the intersection of the school. Correspondingly, Asia Mclane said that she was with Adnan in the public library until 2:40PM in which they saw some friends and talked for a bit. When Sarah Koenig, narrator of the podcast, is doing her test-drive of both Adnan and Hae’s time to exit the school it was impossible to do it in the certain time frame if the time of strangulation in the Best Buy parking lot is

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