Heather Maples Case Study

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On August 7, 2015 a young women by the name of Heather Maples was found dead at The Cove Apartments, where she lived at. MPD Detective James Abbott discovered her body lying on her stomach, with signs of “blunt force trauma” to her head, and also marks on her neck which indicates strangulation. Her phone was discovered underneath her, so investigators went through in hopes of finding more evidence. She was last seen alive at a bar called Gentleman Jim’s Bar with a couple of male friends that night. One of those men were at her apartment drinking before leaving before the bar. Later on while leaving the bar, she left with one of her friends and had him drop her off at her apartment. When investigators checked her phone and found that the men she was at the bar with, both sent her text messages just hours before she was killed. Maples took a “selfie” …show more content…

But taking the time to think more intensely about it, people have psychological/ behavioral problems that lead to unnecessary actions. It could all be because of things they went through as a child, or the environment they grew up in. Brandon Bowling, Maples murderer; may have been around a lot of violence in his life. Those acts of violence most likely influenced Bowling’s actions against others. Though witnessing violence isn’t always the case. His parents could’ve been very abusive while growing up. It says that 80% of adults that were abused as a child now have some type of a psychological disorder. So more than likely, Bowling’s suffered from abuse as a child. According to what detectives discovered of Maple’s body, she suffered a head injury, was strangled and was also raped. The reasoning for Brandon’s acts of terrible violence all started when he was a kid. No one just grows up and decides to kill and hurt people if they don’t at least have some form of a psychological

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