The Serial Podcast Analysis

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Pride and Jealousy are very powerful things! Some people will go to the farthest limits to preserve their own ego and selfish desires. The Serial Podcast by Sarah Koenig is about the very complex murder of Hae Min Lee on January 13th, 1999. Many different people are brought into the Hae Lee case but the one that sticks out the most is Adnan Syed. On the day of January 13th, 1999 Hae Min Lee was strangled to death by Adnan Syed with the assistance of Jay Wilds.
The most trustworthy person in this case is Sarah Koenig. The most untrustworthy person in this case is Adnan Syed. Sarah is the creator of the Serial Podcast. Even though she wants believe that Adnan is innocent she admits that she still has doubts. When discovering new evidence about …show more content…

She states “A year after Adnan was arrested and the case came to trial, Jay walked up to the witness stand. There’s a moment when Adnan muttered something to him” (45). By Adnan calling Jay pathetic he showed that he couldn’t believe Jay would rat him out. This incident shows that Adnan is a liar and is mad at Jay for going to the police, showing that he is guilty. Even after controlling himself through the whole case he snapped when he saw the man that betrayed him.
The person who killed Hae on January 13th, 1999 is Adnan Syed. He was assisted by Jay Wilds. Jay admits several times to assisting Adnan in Hae’s murder. While getting interviewed Jay says that he helped Adnan get to track practice and dig a hole for Hae’s body (7-8). This proves that Jay assisted Adnan in murdering Hae and that they were both involved in the crime. In episode two of Serial the state claims that Adnan is the one that did it. Sarah states on behalf of the state “And the motive the State supplied, the basis for the whole thing, was that after Hae broke up with Adnan, he couldn’t accept it. He was so wounded by her, and so furious, that he decided to kill her” (21). This shows that there was a strong motive as to why Adnan killed Hae. This proves that Adnan was the one who killed her. Jay and Adnan both committed a serious crime. Adnan killed Hae with the help from

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