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Adnan, Innocent or Guilty? How do you feel about an ex-boyfriend killing his ex-girlfriend on a random day? Well this story supposedly happened to Adnan Syed who was convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee, and in my opinion, I conclude Adnan is innocent based on lots of evidence from the podcast “Serial.” In the year around 1999 Adnan Syed was a young teenage boy at Woodlawn High School, and he used to date Hae Min Lee but then they broke up. In that same year on January 13, Adnan was accused of murdering Hae Min Lee. I don’t think he did it based on many understandings. Asia claims that on that day, she saw Adnan in the library. No one saw Adnan actually enter the car and no one can figure out where and when exactly Hae was killed, and no …show more content…

Sarah states, “ If I’m Adnan and I need to be seen for track, I’m freaking out right now, that I need to get back for track to have an alibi.” “But, it is possible. Or at least not impossible, which was what Adnan was saying in that first letter.” These quotes explain Adnan is innocent because if he had killed Hae before Jay said they went to the park to smoke weed, why would Adnan want to go far from school if he knew he had a track practice to go to? The route Jay was explaining could have been possible, but everything had to have been the right time and right movements to prove it. This is important because if Adnan was very late to track practice, then his teammates would have noticed and remembered that day, so why is Jay telling a story to make Adnan look even worse? Therefore, if Adnan’s case was filled with many lies, who could have been telling the actual truth about Adnan? What seems to be true is everything that proves he’s innocent because it seems to make more sense in the

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