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Linnea Peterson English lV Mrs. Lex 10 May, 2023 Innocence for Adnan In murder cases there is alway the obvious suspect and as the case goes on, fingers start to point somewhere else, but sometimes people get falsely accused and believed to be untrustworthy as a newly known criminal. In this case, the fingers ended up pointing back at Adnan, which isn't unusual if that was actually the killer. Using very powerful evidence that is strong and very trustworthy used to pin down the actual killer. Without powerful physical evidence how can a legal system be for certain enough to accuse a person for committing murder? Adnan isn't guilty for committing murder in the Hae Min Lee case, due to questionable evidence, plus bias judgements. Furthermore, the importance of having substantial evidence tQhat is very reliable, and not questionable. There have been …show more content…

Plus Adnan gets his lawyer through the prosecutor, and the lawyer doesn't even try hard enough to protect Adnan’s rights. Jay Wilds was a key suspect in the Hae Min Lee case. He testified against Adnan Syed, Lee's ex-boyfriend, claiming he helped Syed bury the body. His testimony was a key piece of evidence used to convict Syed. The possibility of Jay lying about Adnan is always present, as Jay may have a motive or incentive to portray Adnan in a negative light. Additionally, Jay's testimony is largely uncorroborated, meaning that there is no hard evidence to prove his claims. Jay's story about Adnan murdering was so widely believed because of the way it was told. Jay provided detailed and vivid descriptions of the events as well as convincing details, which made his story more believable. The fact that he was a friend of Adnan and had knowledge of the events made it even more convincing. Furthermore, the prosecution used Jay's testimony as the main evidence to prove Adnan's

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