Guilty Case Against Adnan Syed

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“He cried and couldn’t believe it”. Hae Min Lee, a high school student, disappeared one day after school in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1999. Her body was found in a city park a hundred feet from the edge of the roadway a month later. She had been strangled, her autopsy showed. Adnan Syed, her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend, was arrested for the crime and given a life term. Because the judge dropped the case and ruled that he was innocent, he only served about 23 years. Like teens everywhere, Hae and Adnan were in a toxic relationship ship, breaking up and then getting back together the following day. They attended Woodlawn High School together. There are many people who argue that he is innocent and wrongfully convicted. Adnan Syed did not kill Hae min lee because there is not enough evidence linking him to the murder of Hae Min Lee and because of Jay’s inconsistencies. …show more content…

The prosecution case against Adnan Syed was mainly based on the testimony of Jay wilds, who said he helped bury Hae Min Lee's body. Jay's testimony was supported by the cell phone records that placed Adnan on the site on the Day Hae Min Lee disappeared. According to the prosecution, the evidence sayed that Adnan had a motive to Kill Hae, because he was jealous and possessive of her. However, there are inconsistinces in Jay’s testimony, which has changed multiple times over the years. Some people also claimed that He was pressured into providing false testimony by the police. Second, the cell phone evidence used to place Adnan at the site of Hae’s disappearance has been questioned because the technology back then in 1999 was not very accurate. Finally, there is no physical evidence linking Adnan to the

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