An Evidence Of Adnan Syed's Case

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Adnan Syed's case remains an ongoing and complex investigation of a typical teenage romance breakup, spanning an extensive 24-year period up to the present day. Adnan's case led to continuous disagreements over his conviction on February 25, 2000, being charged with first-degree murder, Kidnapping, false imprisonment, and robbery. Some say that his conviction should be overturned, and some say that Adnan's conviction should be maintained. Evaluating the evidence, the evidence being used against Adnan shines a bright light on Adnan committing the crime. Based on the evidence, Adnan should keep his conviction, serving 30 years of prison. The Prosecution presented compelling evidence against Adnan, more robust than the defendant's evidence. Jay's …show more content…

The Prosecution's case was more robust than Adnan with the Prosecution using a combination of witness testimonies and cell phone records, painting Adnan as guilty. In contrast, the defense struggled to provide coherent and compelling evidence. Adnan's defense focused more on moving the blame to someone else, or they tried to discredit Jay's testimony. The only attempt to prove Adnan was innocent was by Asia McClain," Asia plus boyfriend saw him in library 2:15 to 3:15" (Serial 1.18). This evidence would have shown Adnan's innocence. There was, however, a lack of supporting evidence to back up the credibility of this piece of evidence. Many of Adan's witnesses say that he does not have the motive to murder Hae, which is debatable. Adnan has constantly told his friends that "he was going to kill that bitch” (Serial 1.7). In addition to constantly saying he will kill Hae, Adnan also wrote in pen, "I'm going to kill" (Serial 6.4) on a note that they used to make fun of Hae. Hae had also written a letter to Adnan frustrated letter "I'm really getting annoyed that this situation is going the way it is" She wrote, "You know, people break up all the time. Your life is not going to end. You'll move on, and I'll move on. But apparently you don't respect me enough to accept my decision" (Serial 6.4). There were many indications that Adnan had a motive to kill Hae, as suggested by his comments and letters he received from

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