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Nikko Sheppard Mr. Salazar English 3 9 February, 2023 Adnan Syed’s Innocence In 1999, 17-year-old Adnan Syed is accused of strangling and murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. The two were classmates at Woodlawn High School, in Baltimore, Maryland. January 13, 1999, is the last day Hae is seen alive at school. On February 9th, Hae’s body is found buried in Leakin Park. Adnan is then accused of the murder of his former girlfriend. Adnan Syed is not guilty. He did not kill Hae Min out of spite after they split, he is never seen with Hae after school or in her car, and he has a strong alibi with two witnesses. Adnan did not kill Hae out of spite as they had a mutual breakup. Adnan and the victim, Hae, started dating in 1998. The two were in love but had to …show more content…

Their relationship, unfortunately, came to an end after they were discovered by Adnan’s parents. They decided to part ways but continued to stay friends as they didn’t have any hard feelings. According to Sarah Koenig from the Serial podcast, “…I don’t buy the motive for this murder, at least not how the State explained it. I just don’t see it. Not one person says he was acting strangely after they broke up. He and Hae, again by all accounts, were still friends”. Adnan had no reason to kill Hae. They were both completely over their past relationship and moved on. Hae and Adnan were both interested in other people and supported each other’s relationships since they were still close friends. After they separated, the two seemed to act normal. Adnan didn’t seem obsessed with Hae or the fact that he lost her. Adnan didn’t seem to act suspicious or jealous in any way after he and Hae had split. He was interested in other girls and even had a few girlfriends after the breakup. Hae’s friends claim that Adnan acted normal and treated Hae as just a friend and didn’t act obsessive at all over his ex-girlfriend. “It is true that no one at the time described Adnan as

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