Essay On The Murder Of Hae Min Lee

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In Baltimore, Maryland 1999, a young lady Hae min lee goes missing. Adnan Syed is a prime suspect in the murder case. He is an 18-year-old Highschool senior at Woodlawn Highschool. Adnan is then convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Hae. Adnan is innocent. Adnan has no motivation to commit the murder, Jay Wild’s evidence of Adnan killing Hae is unreliable, and he has an alibi. Adnan has no motivation to commit the murder of Hae min lee. Adnan and Hae broke up a few months prior to Hae’s murder. When Adnan and Hae broke up, he took it as anyone else would. “But nearly everyone I’ve spoke with, Adnan’s friends and teachers say he took the breakup like anyone would. Adnan’s friend Mac Francis said Adnan initially was devastated and …show more content…

Jay Wild is a key witness to the murder of Hae Min Lee. He was an acquaintance of Adnan from high school. Adnan bought weed from Jay and smoked together a few times. He claims Adnan showed him the body and was forced to help bury Hae. “The cops interview him at least four times that I know about. Two of those are on tape. And Jay also tells this story at trial – not once, but twice cause the first proceeding ended in a mistrial. So, at least, say, six times he's told what happened. And each time, some details shift.”(Sarah Koenig, 2014) Jay is not telling the truth. Jay says in one interview they were headed toward Westview mall. However, in the second interview, he states they went to Security Square Mall. Jay’s story isn’t adding up when he says they went to two different locations. Another one of Jay’s statements is he refused to dig a grave for Hae. Although in another interview, he states they both dug the hole. The details Jay gives continue to shift and become inconsistent. He has changed details multiple times including when Adnan and Jay talked about when he was going to kill her. In the first trial, Jay states they talked on the day of the murder. However, in the second trial, Jay says they talked about it 4-5 days before the murder happened. Jay lied multiple times throughout the investigation. He was even known for doing so. One of his alibi’s, Cathy which isn’t her real name omitted Jay …show more content…

Asian McClain is a high school student that went to Woodlawn with both Adnan and Hae. She was in the school library at the time of the murder. “Dear Adnan-- I hope I spelled it right. I'm not sure if you remember talking to me in the library on January 13, but I remember chatting with you." She says, quote, "we aren't really close friends, but I want you to look into my eyes and tell me of your innocence. If I ever find otherwise, I will hunt you down and whip your ass. OK, friend?" At the bottom, she added a little note. "Adnan did not commit the murder. Asia sent him a letter that she saw him in the library. This means he has been spotted somewhere else at the time the murder was committed. Asia talking and seeing Adnan in the library further proves his innocence. Asia’s boyfriend and best friend were in the library on the same day she saw Adnan there. "My boyfriend and his best friend remember seeing you there, too." Adnan has more than one alibi that saw him at the library during the time of the murder. The fact that he already has an alibi and now has more further proves his innocence. Asia McClain, her boyfriend, and his best friend saw Adnan in the library. Adnan has multiple alibi’s proving he is innocent of the murder of Hae Min

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