A Bowl Of Serial: The Case Of Hae Lee

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A Bowl of Serial On January 13th 1999 Hae Lee went missing after school, some time between 2:15-2:36. Her Ex boyfriend, Adnan, was accused of strangling her. A kid named Jay testified against her ex-boyfriend Adnan, saying he had evidence that Adnan did stangled Hae Lee and was put in jail for it. I believe Adnan is innocent and did not kill Hae Lee, because Jay seemed to be the guilty one with his inconsistent stories and admitting that he lied. While being interviewed by the police multiple times , he admitted that he did not tell the truth when speaking to the judge about the case. One piece of evidence that proves that Adnan is innocent and that did not kill Hae Lee is Jay's inconsistencies in his stories and interviews when talking to the police.When Jay is being interviewed by the police he tells in chronological order what happened and what he remembers from that night when Hae Lee was murdered. Evertime Jay told his story a small detail or location would change and not match up with the original story. In Episode 4: Inconsistencies Jay is being interviewed by the police, they had asked “why would you lie about the location? ”. Jay responded with, “Because I’m …show more content…

During this time Sarah is talking to a detective named Jim Trainum who was looking through Jay's stories and was concerned about the inconsistencies in Jay's story. When Sarah is talking to detective Jim, She brings up a very good fact that “Jay had a big piece of reliable information that the cops themselves did not know. Where Hae’s car was”. Jay ended up showing the cops right where the car was. If Jay was not involved in murdering Hae Lee or being an accomplice, then how would he have known where her car was parked? He could have parked it there and told them that Adana put it there and just told him where it was

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