The Case Of Adnan Syed

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Almost 20,000 people in the U.S are incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. However, Adnan Syed is not one of these innocent people in jail. In Baltimore 1999, Adnan Syed was charged with the murder of Hae Min Lee. Adnan has claimed his innocence ever since, which sparked a great deal of interest in the public. In 2014, one American journalist, Sarah Koenig, explored Adnan's murder case. She studied the facts and interviewed several people from the case. Sarah created a podcast called Serial that discusses the evidence of a possibility that Adnan could be in jail while he is innocent. Except, Adnan's forgetfulness proves he's guilty since the timeline Jay provides also matches the cell phone records. Adnan doesn’t remember anything …show more content…

First off, Jay takes the police to where Hae’s car was parked (Koenig, “Inconsistencies”). Jay was obviously involved in some type of way since he knows where Hae’s car was hidden. If he was guilty of the murder, why would he show the police where the car is and turn himself in? Jay is a trustworthy man by showing he was involved and knows who committed the murder. Also, the timeline the state uses for their claim from after school to the murder matches the length of time. Jay claims Adnan killed Hae in the time from 2:15 to 2:36 in the best buy parking lot before Jay received a call from Adnan to pick him up. Koenig recreated the scene from leaving the high school and finished in twenty two minutes showing it is possible for this to happen (Koenig, “Route Talk”). The way Koenig recreated the scene matched essentially the same as Jay and the state claimed. Jay’s story matching Koenig’s recreation demonstrates a high possibility of this being true. Lastly, all the calls between 6:24 and 8:05 match the positions of Jay’s story (Koenig, “Route Talk”). Adnan claimed he possessed his phone at this time which shows he was with Jay. Jay knows what Adnan did at this time making him a credible witness. These calls matching Jay’s story proves his timeline is the truth about Adnan killing …show more content…

While at Cathy’s house, Adnan gets a phone call and starts acting strange and suspicious (Koenig, “Route Talk”). Adnan started acting strange because he knew he committed a serious crime of murder and still had Hae’s dead body in the back seat. Adnan had been around these friends plenty of times, yet this was the only time he’d acted strange in a way like this. Another two important phone calls were at 7:09 and 7:16 in Leakin park (Koenig, “Route Talk”). Hae’s body was buried in Leakin park that night. Adnan had his phone that night, proving he was in Leakin park probably burying Hae’s body. Adnan claimed he knew nothing about this murder; however, with his phone pinging in leakin confirms he was involved. The third call that verifies Adnan is guilty is the call to Nisha at 3:32. Nisha is a good friend of Adnan’s, but is who Jay barely knew (Koenig, “Route Talk”). If Jay barely knew Nisha this substantiates Adnan must’ve been with his cell phone at this time. Adnan claims he was at track practice at the time, but this call puts him with Jay. Since Adnan didn’t go to track practice, there must be a reason he skipped, which is the murder he committed. These three calls incriminate Adnan and justify that he is involved with the murder of

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