Adnan Was Not A Factual Evidence For Hae's Case

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Recently, I foucused on the famous podcast serial that a teenager, Hae Min Lee was killed in January, 1999. Hae’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, the convicted murder has gone in the jail suffering the life sentences for about fifteen years. As the new investigation started, more and more factual evidences and testimonies testified that Adnan was still the most potential murder for Hae’s case.
The motive for Adnan murder Hae was Hae broke up with Adnan. Adnan and Hae were a sweet couple before, however, Hae made a decision to break up with Adnan and gave him a letter said that lots of the people break up all the time, Adnan did not respect her decision. Adnan felt sad especially a week later. Hae started to date her new boy-friend, don. Adnan showed …show more content…

When Adnan was in Hae'a car, he found a priority chance to strangle Hae, and then he called jay drive to school picking up him and buried Hae's body. After that, they went to Cathy's home. In Adnan's testimony, he stated that he did not stay with jay at that time because he was going to buy a birth day gift to jay's girl-friend, Sephanie. The star witness, Jay proofed that Adnan showed Hae's body to him and they buried the body. The opposing view of Adnan was murder said that Jay's testimony had changed several times, his story was incredible. Nevertheless, a witness, Cathy testified that Adnan and Jay went to her house at 6, and she saw Adnan was strange and nervous. After a few minutes Adnan hot a call said that he had to go or do something. Moreover, Jenn, Jay's friend mentioned that she had ever call Jay, Adnan picked up the phone telling her that Jay was busy and nor hanged the phone to Jay. In addition, through the retrial, Aisha and Cathy's stories matched the cell phone records. This prosecution testified that the timeline matched Jay's story. In short, all the evidences testified that Adnan murder

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