Was Adnan Syed Guilty

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If a person murders someone and thinks they are guilty, why would there be so much evidence proving the opposite? Adnan Syed is guilty of Hae’s murder. On January 13, 1999 Hae Min Lee, a popular high school senior, disappeared and was found dead. Six weeks later, Adnan Syed, Hae’s ex-boyfriend, was found guilty of her murder. He claims to be innocent but there is evidence to prove that he was guilty. First, Adnan had asked Hae for a ride but she declines. With anger of the breakup and he decline, he kills Hae. Jay Wild, one person who was involved in burying Hae’s body had told Jennifer Pusateri about it. She told detectives and at trial that that Adnan killed Hae. Call records from Adnan’s phone showed where he made the calls and who they were from. The Nisha Call was one of the important calls because it was one of the calls between noon and five p.m. During Jay’s two interviews and testimony, he also claims that Adnan had strangled Hae because she broke his heart. When detectives questioned Adnan he claimed to …show more content…

From witnesses, call records and Jay’s interview and testimony, there is enough evidence to prove that Adnan is guilty. After Adnan and Hae’s breakup they still continued to be friends. When Adnan asks for a ride as heard from their friends, Hae declines his request. Supporting evidence 2: As Jay was interview he claimed that Adnan had killed Hae. Since Jay was a witness to this crime, he had told Jennifer Pusateri about it. She said that Hae had broken Adnan’s heart. On the day of the murder, call records have tracked every call and incoming call Adnan had made. The Nisha Call puts Adnan in a bad place because it was one of the seven calls on the cell records that Jay didn’t recognize. In Jay’s interviews and testimony, he had convinced the jury that Adnan was guilty. Although some may object that Adnan is guilty for committing the crime, I would answer that Adnan and Jay both committed the

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