Adnan Syed Is Not Guilty

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In Baltimore 1999 on January 13, a girl named Hae Min Lee, a senior at Woodlawn High School, disappeared. Her body was found on February 9 near a park in Baltimore. Her ex- boyfriend Adnan Syed, a 17 year old senior was convicted of killing her and till this day he sits in a cell waiting for his innocence to be proven. Adnan’s star witness Jay, his former classmate who testified that he helped Adnan dispose of Hae’s body. The question everyone's asking is, is Adnan Syed really not guilty or did he murder Hae Min Lee. Based on the collaboration and the very little forensic and physical evidence, I feel that he is not guilty. The timeline, the call records, Jay’s story,and the possible alibes of Adnan Syed all show that he wasn’t guilty. Many …show more content…

It was his word alone that suggested that Adnan wanted Hae dead. Not a single person thought this, not Hae, not their family, not their friends and not even anyone at school. The only problem here is that Adnan doesn't seem to remember exactly where or what he was doing that day. Who could blame him though, we can’t even remember what we eat the other day. He had to remember something that happened 15 years ago and although it was a big memory something so simple as smoking weed, could cause someone to forget what they did.Jay didn't mention this during his trial but he told Sarah that him and Adnan went to smoke weed that day. This was a big deal for both of them because how did Jay remember all of what Adnan did but yet he still lies about where he was. This shows me that Adnan Syed is not guilty because although Jay has his alibis and Adnan has his, Jay’s alibi Jenn was covering up for.him. She hid a lot of information from the police that could have possibly proved Adnan’s innocence but she was protecting Jay. Trials have been going on and although Jay has been telling his stories that don't match up, police never did put him in

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