The Guilty Of Serial Killer Adnan Syed

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Have you ever been in trouble for something you have never done? In early 2000 in the series “Serial Killer” Adnan Syed was sadly unrightfully convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee. The rule of the Jury was that they can’t be biased based on 1 info presented and must see all the info before convicting. The one thing could have saved him was the alibi of other people who said they saw him during the time of Lee’s murder at the time. Thought there wasn’t any evidence to point towards Adnan executing the murder except for the alibi of Jay and a few other and the joy ride. Adnan was innocent of committing the murder of Lee and wasn’t given a fair trial. There was evidence that would be enough to convict him ,but there were missing info needed that would’ve helped Adnan in his trail. Jay Wilds alibi establish that Hae was murdered at Best Buy with Adnan strangling and then inserting Hae that had her dead body. He said given Adnan phone and car to he called him to pick him up at best buy and when he got there Adnan ask for help trying to hide the body. They went on a joy ride to different places and brought Adnan to practice for …show more content…

Each of the alibi from Jay and Adnan were different ,except that he and Jay went to different places after Adnan track practice, but what was most shocking was during the time school end to 3:04 the time Jay said Adnan called him. It was impossible to do the exact thing as the day went because that was the day the bus left because the left way later than it was needed about 15 mins. The next logical place was the library where Adnan said he was but it was packed that day so it would be extremely difficult to kill someone at the library or the best buy. If people say he was at the Library it would’ve shut out Jay’s alibi and he couldn't change how he said Adnan Syed murder

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