Should Adnan Syed Be Guilty

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Angel Andujar January 15, 2016 Honors English 4 Argumentative Essay The State of Maryland vs. Adnan Syed The case of the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee an 18 year old student at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, Maryland. She was last seen about 3 p.m. on January 13, 1999. Hae Lee 's ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed was arrested on February 28 at 6 am. and charged with first degree murder. This case on the podcast “Serial” there are two decisions to be made. Whether Adnan should be guilty or be proven innocent. If he’s proven guilty he will remain in prison for life. If he is innocent then he will be free. But based on all the evidence on the podcast. So should Adnan Syed be guilty or should the evidence in podcast shows that he is innocent. After …show more content…

Episode 2 of the podcast Serial Becky claims to have witnessed Hae turning down Adnan 's request for a ride that day. Keisha claimed she saw Adnan and Hae talking with each other after school. Debbie claimed she saw both Adnan and Hae after school, separately. No one claims to have seen Adnan leave with Hae. No one saw Adnan get in Hae 's car. No one in public saw the two together when the prosecution is trying to place them together. The claims aren 't even really contradictory. No one is saying Adnan got in Hae 's car. The only supporting piece to his possible guilt would be that he asked for a ride. That 's it. Asia puts him at the library. And the Coach puts him at practice on time with no real reason to suspect otherwise. It doesn’t take less than a day to murder someone especially around that time. Not many people seem to remember anything when Jen talk to everyone. No one seem to remember anything during that time period. If thats is the case then how is Adnan guilty? How did they get enough evidence to actually prove that Adnan is guilty? It doesn’t make any sense. People remember some of it but not all of it. “I don 't remember what I ate for lunch three days ago.” “I took my dog to the Vet this morning and I don 't remember the time we left.” If no one remembers anything then therefore there is not enough evidence! Which means that there isn’t enough information to prove that Adnan Syed is

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