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Piers Anthony once said, “When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamor.” When someone is accused of a crime , there must be a sufficient amount of solid evidence to prove their guilt. In the podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig, Serial, goes over a murder case from over fifteen years ago. It is easily perceived that Adnan Syed was falsely incriminated for killing his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Syed is innocent based on the fact that Jay’s testimony was all over the place and not a reliable source. However, people say that Adnan is guilty. This makes sense because Jay talks about Adnan calling from outside of Best Buy by a telephone booth at 2:36. When in reality the very telephone Jay speaks of has no proof of existence. Laura Estrada Sandoval stated that “there was never any phones at Best Buy”(195). Jay had given false information and should be considered a suspect. He …show more content…

Others might disagree and say that Adnan did not deal with it. Yet, Vicki Wash was giving the impression that Adnan was going to run away if bailed. For instance “...if you issue that bail, then you are issuing him a passport under these circumstances to flee the country. We do not want another Sheinbein situation”(220). Adnan was compared to another male of the same heritage and assumed he would escape from the country just like him. The court got the idea that Adnan is just like other Pakistani Muslim men, that he had connections and can get away with murder. Another piece of information is,”in some cultures women are second class citizens… He just wanted power and she wouldn't give it”(223). These stereotypes are being used against Adnan and make him look like a typical Muslim who abused females. Yet his classmates never said he had acted that way toward anyone. He was pushed into a corner because of his

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