Evidence In This Casey Innocent Or Is Jay Guilty

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In the criminal justice system, homicide offenses are considered especially heinous. In January of 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland, an 18-year-old girl named Hae Min Lee was found dead in Leakin Park. She was allegedly murdered by the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. But the question still remains, is Syed innocent? Or is he guilty? Serial, a podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig investigates the events that led up to the crime - uncovering the details and nuances that could potentially resolve this case. However, finding the answer was not as easy as she had anticipated. Throughout the podcast, Koenig address the flaws in the American justice system through Adnan’s case by highlighting the injustice …show more content…

According to Serial, the State argues that Adnan called Jay to pick him up at Best Buy, showed him Hae’s body, and told him to help bury the body. Jay’s testimony plays a crucial part in Adnan’s trial, essentially being the aspect of the case that determined the decision for Adnan’s sentence. Without Jay testifying, the prosecution’s case would not have been able to stand, resulting in an entirely different outcome. Reexamining Jay’s timeline, there are many discrepancies in the stories he tells in trial and in the investigation room that reduces the credibility of his case. For one, the “come-and-get-me” was the most peculiar conversation in the second interview. In the transcript, Jay claims that Adnan “had called him on the hard line while [he] was at Jenn’s house” at 3:40 indicating that Jay has the phone, but then contradicts himself by saying Adnan had the cell phone at the time. However, the 3:40 call never happened based off the phone records. According to Serial, by the time the trial rolls around, Jay readjusts his story by saying the call happened at 3:21 to match the call logs. But the bizarre thing is Jay told the cops he was the one that made the 3:21 call to Jenn’s house and the tower pinged does not cover Jenn’s house. So who has the phone? Inconsistencies like this appeared throughout a majority of the second interview and never got answered, suggesting that Jay may have been lying to accomodate what the detectives want to hear. In trial however, a vast majority of the jurors decided to believe in Jay’s testimony because they believed he had no reason to lie about a murder. Yet, Jay confirms in trial that he was informed by the police that he would be charged with murder if he did not show Adnan was responsible for murdering Hae. In the second trail during the cross-examination. Jay was asked by Gutierrez “They made it clear that

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