Essay: Did Andon Get A Fair Trial

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Serial essay The essential question is did Andon get a fair trial? Was their racism involved or has islamophobia.

Hae Min Lee body was found on January 13, 1999, also on January 13, 1999 Adnan was sentenced to life plus 30 years. Adnan, was a high school student he was a ladies man as most people said. He played football and track was a good student, he lead prayers at the mosque “he's all around a great guy” But this great guy had what some like to call a second life or to faced. Some bad things he did was he stole money from the mosque he smoked weed all the time, but the worst thing he could have ever done was loaned out his cell phone and car to jay. “he did things that the average American teenager did” as Sarah Koenig said.

Did Adnan receive a fair trial ? no he didn't, there is so much more evidence that Adnan did not receive a fair trial than that he did, he are some of the key ones. The jury really listens to jay's story and what if he was lying, he really didn't have that much proof that he was telling the truth. Also, ‘’On Jan. 13, 1999, according to Asia, she was in the Woodlawn Public Library while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. Shortly after 2:15 p.m., Syed walked in …show more content…

Jay's story was did not really line up with all of the cell phone calls besides this one which is the biggest call of the case. And like one of the defence attorneys said you would have to have the worst luck in the world for all of this to happen in the span of a couple hours. It started with him lending jay his car and some people may not think this is that big but jays reasoning is saying that the reason jay had his car so adnan could get into haes car to murder

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