Anthony V. State Of Florida Case No. 5D11-2357

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Case Gone Wrong: Anthony vs State of Florida Case No. 5D11-2357 If ever there was a botched case it was this one with inconsistencies on the part of the State being overwhelming. I watched this trial intently and read everything available. The verdict in this case generated an epidemic of outrage throughout the world. I agree with the not-guilty verdict on the murder one and two charges; however, the evidence is not as incontrovertible as some have suggested. I also agree that there was some mischaracterization around the 31 days; yet, to trivialize this behavior as simply immature is inaccurate. The way Casey handled the death was inexcusable. Not calling 911 and hiding the body was morally and criminally wrong. The lack of remorse bothered me as an utter disregard for her dead daughter and selfishness unparalleled. I believe that the prosecution’s putting the death …show more content…

The prosecution did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt; thus, justice was not served for the real victim, Caylee. Although Casey Anthony won in a court of law, she lost in the court of public opinion; thus, being punished by society just as OJ was. References Anthony v State of Florida Case No. 5D11-237 (FL Dist. 5 Ct. App., Jan. 25, 2013). Retrieved from Associated Press (AP). (25 November 2012). Casey Anthony investigations missed “fool-proof” suffocation clue, office confirms. Tampa Bay Times: Tampa, FL. Retrieved from Dr. Drew. (23 April 2012). Dr. G reveals secrets of Caylee anthony’s autopsy. HLNtv: NY, NY. Retrieved from

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