Casey Anthony Case Study

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Cindy Anthony contacted 911 and mentioned that she hasn't seen her two year old granddaughter for almost a month. She made that call on July 15, 2008 and also stated that she would like Casey Anthony charged with taking a vehicle and cash. Casey really found pleasure in lying to the cops and did not show any feelings about her daughter Caylee missing. The Florida grand jury accused Casey of false information to police four times, aggravated child neglect, homicide of a child, and first degree murder. These charges were on October 14, 2008. Just a few months later on December 11, 2008 Caylee's remains were found in an area of thicket not far from the Anthony home. Casey Anthony was going to be facing the death penalty for the murder of her daughter, Caylee on April 14, 2009. Since there was a lot of attention with this case the jury was picked from a neighboring county by the name of Pinellas, but the trial took place in Orange County where the offense happened. During the trial the jury was confined until the case was completed (Hails, 2013).
Not to mention, Casey Anthony was accused by the prosecution of covering Caylee's mouth with duct tape and smothering her to death during opening statements. In her defense, it was …show more content…

She also made some money by selling that same exact story to a supermarket tabloid published by American Media Incorporation. Next, George was then put on the stand by the defense and was questioned about how he handled the burials of past pets and if he had ever tossed them into a wetland called a swamp. After George was done being questioned Cindy was asked similar questions. The defense asked Cindy if their daughter Casey was ever around when a deceased pet was buried and if the pet was killed by chloroform and then had its mouth duct taped

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