The Case Of Jodi Arias

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After several days of no communication and concern about Travis Alexander’s wellbeing, a couple of his friends went to his residence in Mesa, Arizona. They did in fact find their friend but he was lying in a pool of blood. One June 9, 2008, Travis was found with many wounds, including a slit neck, multiple stab wounds and a gunshot in the head. Police investigated the crime and came to the conclusion that he was killed five days earlier. Once the crime was investigated, the police did not hesitate to arrest Travis’s ex-girlfriend/lover, Jodi Arias. Jodi was taken to trial on January 8th of 2013. Days later, the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, show the judge and the rest of the court room nude photographs of Arias and of Travis’s dead body. This shocked everyone and helped the case be brought to the attention of social media audiences. With tears …show more content…

Jodi and Travis had been a couple for years and then broke up due to complications in the relationship. Even though they decided to be apart from the public eye, they continued to see each other privately and still connected on a sexual level. Jodi, most likely being filled with many mixed emotions and strong female hormones, went on with the type of relationship she was in because she still wanted to be with Travis. She was most likely extremely heart broken and hurt emotionally because she was unable to be completely happy with the situation at hand. I believe that all of her emotions may have been built up and finally released themselves when Travis and reportedly “attacked” her. She may have had her emotions completely take over and her mind may have been telling her body what to do. Being emotionally unstable, makes our brains “foggy” and can often blind us from the real world and concepts of right and wrong. She was obviously not psychologically stable in her life during that

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